More from Misty on exactly what she seems to have in store for the #13MAGNUSReawakens Anomalies. Just what is she up to?

How many times do we have to do this? Lynton-Wolfe, probably with the complicity of others, opened a Pandora’s Box at Niantic.

Intentional? Accidental? I have my suspicions, but it doesn’t matter. Not now. What’s done is what’s done.

Our world — what Hank Johnson calls ORW, what others call our Dimensional Node if you prefer — has been altered and now we gotta live with the result.

But we don’t have to be at the effect of it. We can take countermeasures to control our own safety. Ancient measures — some forgotten in the mists of time — some classified as forbidden knowledge — some redacted from history. But they are known. They are hidden in the places where tricksters and visionaries still know to look.

And let’s not pretend that this knowledge will be controlled by a small few. To think you can suppress this knowledge is, pardon the phrase, ‘magical thinking.’ And I know my magic.

It is my objective to give survival tools to the Agents and to the world. This is neither nefarious nor self-serving as some suggest. But hey, I get the optics.

I suggest that all the rest of us prepare for the world that is coming, not the world that is.ugwtqrfhfrmvswvaq

When we take part in Anomalies — when we cause them, we not only agitate and energize the XM around us, but we reverberate across this and other Dimensional Nodes. I have no doubt that the Exogenous notice this.

I suspect they they are present at these Anomalous Zones, either to observe or to influence — drawn by the activity and energy of the XM Anomalies themselves.7xls3xXvvGuhn2ypk4p1n

More information to come. But let me say that I will be calling for help from Agents, of both sides, in the upcoming Anomalous Event… and both Factions will have an extraordinary opportunity, one that could only have existed now… now that the borders that separate our worlds have been stripped to the bone by the events of the last five years…

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