Does she smell opportunity? I heard on the rumor mill that Akira Tsukasa, the brilliant researcher who stands at the head of IQTech’s Japanese operations (the sister corporation known as IQTech East) may be on the ground in Portland, but I didn’t know why…

Now, I’m starting to gather some suspicions…



TSUKASA: As Dr. Calvin seems to either be playing things very close to the vest OR he has chosen not to tell us what he knows, I am pursuing an alternative strategy regarding Remote Viewing and Participation.

LORAZON: Are you asking permission or begging forgiveness?

TSUKASA: Are you under the impression that I owe you either? I’m merely providing information as a courtesy to a peer.

LORAZON: By all means, provide.8ctyvnre00158s2w

TSUKASA: Misty Hannah has grown increasingly valuable. As she is still being pursued by some not so exogenous entities in our dimensional node, I may need to enlist your aid in solving her persistent Las Vegas problems. In exchange, I am hoping for her information on building mind palaces and the summoning of exogenous entities.

LORAZON: I try not to get involved in messy domestic problems.13ndhbz21xd2205za23oye1921A

TSUKASA: We would use this palace for the purpose of advancing our own research facility, perhaps with the active aid of the exogenous if indeed those intelligences can be both drawn into our dimensional node and contained as Misty believes.

LORAZON: One thing at a time. I can see the value in enlisting Misty’s aid in exchange for certain services… As for this mind facility you are thinking about, I am concerned. I would want time to think this through. We all know what happened at Niantic. Let’s get it right this time.

TSUKASA: You don’t really know me, Avril. I’m a cautious person. One step at a time. I promise.



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