Fan mail for Misty Hannah


This is an odd one. A source sent me this recent message received by Misty Hannah — from none other than Akira Tsukasa herself. Akira, by the way, made it pretty clear in a leaked chat with fellow IQTecher Avril Lorazon a few days ago that she’s very interested in Misty’s most recent endeavors…

So, you tell me. Legitimate fan mail??? Or is Akira trying to butter up Misty to get the jump on any research potential she represents. If it’s the latter — oh, Ms. Tsukasa — I don’t think you know Misty very well at all… that lady’s far too savvy to fall for a ploy as simple as this…

On the other hand, a legitimate offer to ‘scrub clean’ some of Misty’s sour business relationships from the past… that might cause an eyebrow to rise in interest… We all have skeletons in various closets, the only difference is that Misty’s tend to have armed Las Vegas thugs on retainer…



I do not believe we have ever met, though I have been following your life and work closely. In fact, I must admit that I am a bit of a fan — I was able to view a few recordings of your performances from both the Las Vegas as well as Hollywood eras, and they are powerful. And your work, of course, with the three letter agencies, is astounding. Now, allow me to return to business mode.12321211111214311111221131211211532211222221221113211111131

IQTech East is offering grants in a wide range of subjects, some of which directly explore your areas of expertise — namely Exogenous Studies and Portal-Driven Remote Viewing, Participation and Transportation (a subset of which is a phenomenon you made famous: ‘Teleportaling’ — I so loved that video of you in Austin).

I do not know whether you would have any interest in such a relationship with IQTech East, but we are an excellent partner and we can provide a number of services for you ranging from housing, travel (we have wonderful corporate events which could be spiced up with your magic) and, of course, comprehensive international protective and preemptive security services. These, I imagine, you might find useful given some of your prior unresolved relationships.5021251950343524352233312547204425

Please contact me if you have any interest in exploring these opportunities. I can assure you that our commitment to our research and our relationship partners is exceptional.

I remain your devoted fan.

Akira Tsukasa


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