Old Friends


So, what’s going on here?  

I think we’re all seeing a dust-up rising between Hank and Misty (though it’s quite interesting that Australia is back in the spotlight… whatever happened to Farlowe? But that’s a question for another day). The nub of it is this: Despite their Tiki Summits, it seems that Hank thinks Misty is getting herself into dangerous waters with Remote Participation, Dark XM, Exogenous Intelligences and that thing that sits right in the middle of it all: Her Mind Palace.

Uh… Hank… Pardon me for mentioning this, but wasn’t it you who RPE’d into that tardis of terror back at CERN? As far as I can tell, what Misty is doing is creating a defensive structure, not going out chasing trouble…

The question really is: How strong is that structure? After what unfolded at Navarro, I honestly don’t know what one can expect.

And I know what happened at Navarro was noteworthy — I was there. In a heightened Anomalous Zone (powered by the many incredible Portals and their Tecthulhu modules — including one inspired by Misty herself), strange things happened, things we didn’t expect.ktuuanrrietrznge

But here’s the thing. I don’t think Misty’s opening Pandora’s Box. I think Misty’s building a new kind of box to trap things that might well have been unleashed by Hank himself, or maybe by all of us. By what we did and have been doing for a long time and continue to do — Navarro, Aegis Nova, Obsidian, Abaddon, Darsana, Helios. Hell, Cassandra and Minotaur… How far back do you want to trace this? We can keep going…

In other words. The Box has been opened. And it wasn’t Misty who opened it. Now, it’s time to look inside.  

Meanwhile, I’m headed to Portland.  Interested to see what Akira and IQTech have up their sleeves.  And don’t we know Hulong and Visur do not want to be strategically surprised.  Things will be getting very interesting.


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