The Disappearance of Misty Hannah


The Top Hat Portal Luminance Project at Camp Navarro

So… could everything that went down this weekend be connected to an appearance of the Trickster’s Top Hat and an RPE in Burbank on September 9th?

The rumor starts something like this:

Akira Tsukasa — greatly intrigued by Misty Hannah’s claim that she could use her mind palace to interface with an Exogenous Intelligence — had her people watching Misty like a hawk.

Last known trace of Misty is in Australia — potentially near a known Dark XM mining site. Hank Johnson, being the kind of person that he is, sets off to try and stop her — mainly to protect her from what she might be running into.

The Anomalies unfold. We had been told that their outcome would affect which kind of Exogenous Intelligence was being drawn into this Dimensional Node… lured, in a sense, by the Anomalies.

The Enlightened win Day One. Presumably, a Shaper-aligned intelligence was draw into Misty’s mind palace.

And then, Misty disappears. That’s all we know. Akira says her operatives simply failed to check in, and when they did, they could neither account for Misty nor for their own state of confusion…

There’s two ways we can read this. The first is that Misty is in trouble. She took on something larger and more dangerous than she was ready for, and now she’s in the deep end. The other way is that this is the trickster doing as the trickster does. Unfortunately, it’s too soon too tell.

What I do know is that the Top Hat is showing up in Burbank — and they are telling me an RPE will unfold on that day as well. You add that to all the other evidence, and it starts to look like some kind of pattern.

Let me know if you see it too.



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