The Mind Palace RPE


The sender and routing data of this message was scrambled — I have no way to easily backtrace its origin.

The message itself contained only this link: A signup form for an RPE (a Remote Participation Exercise — also known as a ‘tabletop RPG’) in Burbank on September 9th entitled ‘The Mind Palace.’

The signup link is here.

Given recent news about Misty, I had a few suspicious:affomhlhxiirkflenpdeji

Was this sent by Misty herself? Were we hearing from her directly, despite the rumors of her disappearance?

Or perhaps this was someone else… an interested person or group (Akira Tsukasa, perhaps?) attempting to send a rescue party into Misty’s Mind Palace to try and rescue her after what happened during the first weekend of #13MAGNUSReawakens… or if not rescue her, at least learn what happened….

There’s a third option — that the only connection this Mind Palace RPE has to Misty is that it involves a maze of the mind, but the mind being explored within this Remote Participation (or Role Playing) experience belongs to someone else altogether.agirsrtmnbgoixw.defnbtx

Either way, it’s too soon to tell. What I do know, is that with the Trickster’s Top Hat Portal Luminance Project from Camp Navarro, which uses a rare and unstable Tecthulhu Module, will be present… And that means one thing: An Anomalous Zone could envelope the area and this RPE could take on properties beyond normal circumstances.

As always, Agents, be cautious when experimenting with RPEs. They are powerful beyond what we currently believe…


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