It seems part of Akira’s purpose in Portland this past weekend was to examine NL-1331 — perhaps as part of a bid to become more deeply involved in other parts of the November Lima program (she already heads the development of the Japan based NL-Prime research vehicle…).

The question is… will Lorazon be happy about his fellow IQTech powerbroker muscling in on his turf?


LORAZON: How was your travel to Portland this past weekend?
TSUKASA: Productive, thank you.
LORAZON: I wasn’t aware you were going to be there.
TSUKASA: Ah. Well, I was.
LORAZON: How was your meeting with Mr. Chapeau? I understand he was also present at the Anomaly.
TSUKASA: I don’t understand your concern with people such as him. They are often useful and always predictable.8si7p4ba4x6suth
LORAZON: I’ll cut to the chase, Akira. Calvin set this shop up to give you extensive freedom on your side of the sandbox. But now you’re on my side, and I find your lack of candor unsettling.
TSUKASA: I find your lack of situational awareness equally unsettling. The November Lima program, for example. So much room for improvement across the board.
LORAZON: And I suppose you are the one to offer those improvements?
TSUKASA: Offer… I’m sorry, someone must have failed to loop you in. I’ve already taken the project on. We’ve brought some of the developments from Prime back here and also begun implementing changes into 1331E.
LORAZON: When did this happen? And on whose authority?bwo3bzqr4njwt5d
TSUKASA: Avril. I recommend we improve our working relationship. I don’t play games, territorial or otherwise. I just go where there’s a need. I think it would be in your benefit to get better at recognizing the opportunities I bring…


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