Misty on the road?

Apparently, Misty recently traveled to Australia. What is she after? What’s in Australia? And is this why Hank Johnson is headed to Brisbane? Is he following after her?

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Anomalous Zone Guidelines

Hank Johnson shares some guidelines on navigating and interacting with Anomalous Zones and Remote Participation Exercises.

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The Dangers of Remote Participation

Hank Johnson shares his concerns about the recently discovered Remote Participation Exercise documents…

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Palace Notes – II

The conclusion of the three wise men’s conversation about mind palaces…

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Palace Notes – I

The three wise men of Ingress, Martin Schubert (Skeptic), Yuri Alaric Nagassa (Humanist) and Stein Lightman (Spiritualist) share notes on the subject of mind palaces — this is the first half of their conversation…

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Kodama Seeking Sitreps

Seems Kodamasmiles is on the hunt for recent, epic sitreps. #IngressReport returning? Seems like a distinct possibility…

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A Symbiotic Relationship

Agents on the ground at the Misty Hannah magic performance last week were able to obtain this transcript via a mission.

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#13MAGNUSReawakens: Anomaly Intel

I’ve been able to obtain this secure document related to the upcoming #13MAGNUSREAWAKENS Anomalies. The document is a detailed guide to many aspects related to the upcoming Anomalies.

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The Other Scopas

I was having a conversation with an associate of mine who is well versed in ancient history. I mentioned to her one of the current puzzles I have been attempting to disentangle… Tycho’s cryptic clue: Remember the Ruin of Scopas.

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Remote Participation Exercises

At Misty Hannah’s performance this past Saturday, a group of Agents were able to recover a trove of data containing detailed files related to the first Ingress Remote Participation Exercises.

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