Three Wise Men’s Theories on Exo Precursors

I’ve been wondering the same thing a lot of the Agents in D.C. were wondering when I met them last weekend: ‘What is an Exogenous Precursor?’ I turned to the Three Wise Men of Ingress for answers. You can judge for yourself whether they know any more than we do…

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Kodamasmiles: Everything You Need to Know 9/30/2017

Kodamasmiles seems to be making this a regular thing… ‘Everything You Need to Know.’ I’m all for it… she’s got the facts straight, and that’s what matters…

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Ken Owen’s Change of Address Form

Intel like this is hard to come by… but we have seen leaks like this before. These ‘Change of Address’ forms are thinly veiled hit orders used by the NIA and many others to access a global marketplace of ‘kinetic operators.’ The day this form was filled and distributed, Ken Owen’s days were effectively numbered.

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Reliable Data

A concern Hank Johnson raised while we were in DC and sharing intelligence with one another (as captured by his Nomad crew as we were out and about on the field) was ADA’s potential involvement in Ken Owen’s death.

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DC Findings

More on Hank and my findings related to the Ken Owen murder in DC.

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Misty’s Thoughts on the return of Portal Submissions

“Changing the Portal Network is one way in which we chip away at the bubble that has kept us safe and sane. The Exo-Precursors are another. The Tecthulhu Modules. Remote Participation. Buffing up the disruptive power of the November Lima projects… We have to be careful about what we’re getting into here…” – Misty Hannah

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Reawakening’s End

I was rooting for the Resistance to carry this one. Looks like Hank got his way, and — if the science folks’ prediction holds up — the Enlightened will gain control of the EXO PRECURSORS. At this point that whole topic is mired in unknowns — but we do know one thing: who will control them — and that’s a big something.

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A Shared Purpose

A Shared Purpose

Hank and I might be at cross purposes here in Washington D.C. — he’s hoping that the Enlightened win and wrest control of the Exogenous Precursors and I’m pulling for the Resistance, but we do have one goal in common: To solve the Ken Owen mystery.

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The Owen Murder Mystery

Hank begins to unfurl the mystery of Ken Owen’s murder… let’s see what he uncovers, and how the Agents in Washington DC tomorrow may be able to help…

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Into the #MindPalace

On September 9th, 2017, Agents of both Factions united to experience the Trickster’s Top Hat Portal (which was created using a classified Tecthulhu module for #13MAGNUSREAWAKENS @ Camp Navarro) and to venture into Misty Hannah’s #MindPalace in a Remote Participation Experiment.

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