NL-1331e Research Competition


Akira Tsukasa moves fast. Mere days after taking over the November Lima program, she has already put into effect a new series of competition (and coordination) based incentives for the Agents across Europe who will be able to part in NL-1331e’s European tour.

Read the doc for the details, and find the scoreboard here.


Priority: High
Distribution: unknownunknown
Clearance: S; CORP; LIMA

Agent unknownunknown,

My name is Akira Tsukasa. You have likely heard my name associated with IQTech-East, but recent circumstances have led to an increased involvement from me in IQTech’s US and European operations. As such, I expect you will know me well in the months ahead.

I will be handling all directives related to the November Lima program going forward.

I understand that you and Agent unknownunknown will be leading a 2 month tour across Europe with NL-1331e. Please contact unknownunknownunknown immediately to ensure that NL-1331e is outfitted with 2509580835289648289656489815564509 prior to embarking on this mission. The team will also ensure that the remaining equipment is performing at specification.

In order to increase the amount of data being gathered during this tour, we will track THE NUMBER OF RESONATORS DEPLOYED on the November Lima Portal at each stop.

The ‘scores’ for each city will be maintained in an open research log at

Each week, the city with the highest performance will be rewarded a high-output Portal Farm — which will be deployed on a weekend into a central part of the city, and will remain active for a portion of a day or a limited number of hacks, whichever comes first.

Information (date & location) of the farms will be updated in the ‘scoring’ document.

In addition to the weekly winners of the high-output Portal Farms, the three highest performing cities across the tour will each receive an additional high-output Portal Farming day on another weekend.

It is my hope that this initiative will result in Agents across each of these European cities visiting NL-1331e and taking advantage of its unique XM and XFAC properties.

You may contact 0j0f2itaeny6oiu7l8s if you have questions.

Akira Tsukasa
Director, November Lima


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