A visit to the Mind Palace


So, I now know for certain that Hank Johnson, having been unable to find Misty in Australia, is making his way to Los Angeles to be present for The Mind Palace RPE event. The Trickster’s Top Hat will be there… and who knows, if we are indeed adventuring into a Mind Palace made by Misty Hannah — the trickster herself may appear as well.

And you know me. I can’t see a gathering like this and stay away myself… There are going to be things to discover and report on, so I’ll be there too.7gb8lhfuy5ow4nq

Maybe Hank and I can take turns sharing notes on how things are going online over the course of the day.2ldi4slmvhgbf1u1n

This Saturday, September 9th, 2017. Noon. Emerald Knights, Burbank.

See you there.


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