Palace Intrigue


Hank Johnson confirms his presence at Saturday’s RPE event… and shares his thoughts and concerns on what we might encounter there.

PAC was, in fact, right, that I will be attending the Remote Participation Experiment in Burbank this weekend. I looked for Misty in Australia. I tried to stop her. I found nothing. Was it sleight of hand? Has she been in control the whole time?

I was present but did not participate as the Agents did in the RPE events at Camp Navarro. In truth, I think none of us understood the full implications of Remote Participation at the time.

Now I do, and I have serious concerns about what it is that Misty has done or might be doing. ‘Summoning’ an Exogenous Intelligence using the Anomalies… inviting that Exogenous Intelligence into her own mind. This is dangerous stuff.w3mmy3frax9a6gm

There are two other things of grave concern to me. Chatter from NIA contacts indicate that there’s turbulence in Washington DC at the NIA and IQTech. Could this be connected to the recent arrival of Akira Tsukasa and her desire to take over the November Lima program? I can’t prove anything right now, but I suspect there is a link. No doubt the timing is conspicuous, as NL-1331E just began a new mission across Europe and the NIA has always been deeply involved in this project…2hqr3,s;v;byelg6f5u

And there’s something else… Some have suggested that there is another secret agenda behind Misty’s Mind Palace. Perhaps that agenda is Misty’s own — or perhaps it’s the hungry eyes of people like Akira Tsukasa… those eyes light up when they see things like ‘using Anomalies to summon Exogenous Intelligences’ and ‘interface with the Exogenous inside a mental construct.’ Those eyes see opportunities everywhere. Me… I see the threats, too.

Will share anything I learn and would appreciate it if you all would do the same.

I will capture what I can for Nomad and will broadcast from the location whenever I am able.

Hank Johnson via Google+


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