Body found… Is it Ken Owen?


A body found near the Kennedy Center. They claim it’s Ken Owen. Not sure if this news is real or fake… Can’t trace back the source, none of my DC sources are spilling any beans on this right now.

If it’s fake. Well, then it’s fake. But if it’s real, it’s very troublesome.

Owen orbits at the fringe. An operator, but not a figurehead. On a chess board he’d be lucky to rank as a bishop. Maybe a knight.Owen’s real genius was in masking the leak of the Ingress Scanner App as a ‘game,’ but that was years ago.

Either way, Owens was not a likely target for either national-level espionage or corporate action… Which means, if Owen got taken out, then there’s a list… and he’s at the bottom… and there are other names on that list…

The situation in DC has been stable for years. Despite everything that’s happened, folks like Lorazon, Calvin, Phillips and Owen had been keeping their heads down and not rustling too many feathers. What’s changed? What could be causing this kind of dramatic shift?

harry i cant publish this. techthulu? niantic calamity? who the hell even is this guy?

you trying to get canned? cut the conspiracy crap and try again. susans filling your grafs for tmrw. get clear or we’re having a different convo
> BREAKING ALERT: Body Found At Kennedy Center identified as P.R.
> Consultant, Kenneth Owen
> Pulls: Shocked colleague says: ‘I hope it is a robbery gone bad.’ Last
> seen leaving NIA Offices on foot
> Drop: Mysterious death: P.R. consultant for the Intel Community, House and
> Senate found dead at Kennedy Center in Washington DC.
> A prominent Washington Public Relations man was found murdered in front
> of a sculpture at the Kennedy Center in the early hours of the morning
> by a groundskeeper.
> The killing of Kenneth Owen, 49, who served as a P.R. Consultant to
> several elected officials and numerous DC agencies has police mystified.
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> Detectives say they have no motive for the crime, which has shocked the
> political community. A spokesperson for the police said that there were
> “no signs of robbery. His watch, phone and wallet were found on his
> body. We are following up leads and poring through surveillance video.”
> Owen, who had consulted with a number of congressional and senatorial
> campaigns, was most recently known for his work with the National
> Intelligence Agency. Previously, he had also worked extensively with
> Senator Baumthrough, who helped unlock funding for the NIA’s ill-fated
> ‘Niantic Project.’
> A source inside the investigation who wished to remain anonymous
> confided that “we have not been able to find any video records of him
> from the time he left the NIA until the time his body was discovered.
> This is troubling…’
> During the last few months Owen had been championing a monument to the
> intelligence community, which some had called a ‘thinly disguised
> Tecthulhu’. A ‘Tecthulhu’ is a device of transdimensional nature which
> emerged as a result of the NIA’s black-lab research programs.
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> ‘Quiet guy. Behind the scenes type,’ says colleague J. Phillips. ‘Can’t
> imagine anybody who’d want him dead. He navigated the NIA through dark
> times after the Niantic Calamity and helped clear the name of the
> National Intelligence Agency.’
> Security consultant, Hubert Farlowe, said, ‘We are going to find out who
> did this and justice will be served.’
> Owen has no known relatives leaving some to suspect that he may have had
> another identity. Avril Lorazon, Acting CEO of IQTech, who worked with
> Owen on projects known as ‘November Lima’ and ‘NL-1331′ labeled the death
> a ‘grave tragedy’ and requested that it not be ‘politicized’ out of respect for
> the deceased.
> This story is developing.


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