#13MAGNUSReawakens Day 2: Anomaly Intel, Footprints and Phase Maps


I’ve been able to obtain a trove of intelligence related to Day Two of the #13MAGNUSREAWAKENS Anomalies. These Anomalies will take place on September 23rd.

The document (#13MAGNUSREAWAKENS — Anomaly Intel — TS-TRIPTYCH-II) is a detailed guide that explains how the Anomalies are structured, and how individual Agents, teams and Factions can attempt to gain control of them. It also sheds light on what impact the outcome of these Anomalies could end up having on our world…

The images show the impact areas of the Anomalies, and also indicate the Phase One and Phase Three divisions.

In sum, this intel should be an excellent resource for those gearing up for the big day ahead…

Agents and Investigators may use the comments thread for this post on Google+ to seek clarification about any aspect of this document or these maps. Only answers from +Ingress should be considered an official response.

Good luck.



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