Who was Ken Owen?


If the murder of Ken Owen doesn’t mean anything to you, I’m not surprised. I hadn’t thought about him in months or years, myself.

He was a shadowy guy from a shadowy time. Ken Owen was a political ‘spin hacker’ who was brought in during crises to find ways to ‘reframe the narrative’ about them. In other words, lie.

I didn’t really know him. Met him a couple times in meetings with other people. Not a bad guy. He was just a natural antagonist for a truthseeker. I’m looking for the truth. For a guy like Ken Owen, truth was about a feeling, not a fact. The facts were a challenge — something fun to overcome. Not something to be pursued and uncovered.

Anyway, I don’t know anything much more than has been publicly reported. But there’s definitely more to this situation than meets the eye.

On second listening, I heard Hank say ‘Ezekiel’ in that clip that leaked from the #MistyMindPalace event. We know who that is. Ezekiel Calvin. Haven’t heard from him for a long time. I thought he was recursed and confused. Guess not so much that he’s not tuned in to the going ons in Washington.

Why does this matter? The Niantic Project was Ezekiel Calvin’s baby. It all leads back to him. Now he’s back on the field. Did he ever leave it?

And why is he calling Hank? Yeah. They go back a long way, but Johnson hasn’t exactly been forthcoming about his relationship with Calvin. I had no idea they were talking, much less that Hank would be the go-to guy when Calvin was in trouble. Interesting. What else is Hank not telling us?

Then you get to the interesting question of who would want Ken Owen dead? (By the way, some people call him Ken Owen and some call him Ken Owens. Same guy. Probably a fake name anyway). There’s an obvious answer.

‘If you don’t want people to know where the bodies are buried, you kill the guy who knows where the bodies are buried.’ In Owen’s case, maybe you kill the guy who waves his hands and said the thing being buried was actually toxic waste from a local dump.

I’m not sure if it matters who killed him. What matter is what happens next.

Watch closely, Truthseekers. It is no accident that this happened two weeks before the Washington D.C. anomaly on September 23rd. That’s why I’m going and you should, too.

And before the moment passes, let’s talk about the ‘where’ of it. Ken Owen’s body wasn’t dumped just anywhere, it was dumped at the exact place where Roland Jarvis and Dr. Oliver Lynton-Wolfe settled their differences at the end of Cassandra.

OLW lost and that led, on a long and winding path, to the situation we find ourselves now with the Tecthulhu and the emergence of the Exogenous. But that’s another discussion for another day.

Question is: Who dumped the body there and why? What message were they sending?While details are sketchy, the use of the word ‘perforated’ tells us he was shot. This sounds like a professional assassin doing a job. Lord knows, there’s no shortage of them on the scene. We’ve already started seeing hit orders and don’t be surprised to see more.

Unless I’m very wrong, you will see the likes of the mind-hacked 855, the erratic Hubert Farlowe, Visur operative Claudia Glas, Hulong’s Antoine Smith and a Tardis of other dangerous operators like something out of a John Wick movie emerging from the woodwork.

Why? Not sure. But I think there might be 1331 reasons for it.

Stay tuned and see you in D.C. on the 23rd.


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