Misty Hannah: Building your own Mind Palace


“The Exogenous are coming through the walls that we’re tearing down. I believe they are a threat.” — Misty Hannah

Remote viewing. Remote participation. These words might be new to you. They aren’t to me, so hear me out:

I started doing RV and RP experiments with Calvin and his buddies at the NIA a long time ago. The premise was simple: Sense another place. Sense another time. Sense it in detail. Touch it. Change it. And do all that with just your mind.

Honestly, I thought it was all crap. But the money was good, and my stack of IOUs was uncomfortably high, so I shrugged and bit the bullet.

Here’s the thing. I was good at it. Even while I still believed the whole thing was crap, there were times when I would spook myself.

I don’t remember when the nightmares started. I won’t bore you with a lot of drama, but things got rough. At the time, I didn’t really know what was causing them, but I instinctually created a way to defend myself.

One of the tricks you learn in magic is how to store information in detail. You use places, you use objects. You tie information to each of those things, and that’s how you do it. Looks up the ‘Method of Loci’ if you want to learn more. It’s ancient stuff.

That’s how I first created my Mind Palace.6lh3uxdik5zy2iq

In the nightmares, I would wander into my familiar places. I would use them to create traps. Ways to protect myself against the things that were chasing me.

I’m not a scientist — I worked at the Niantic Project but even then I never considered myself one. I’m a feeler. A trickster. An entertainer. I’ll tell you my theory, and then you toss it in the trash or don’t. Your call.

Remember that quote? “When you gaze into the abyss… The abyss looks back” (I’m paraphrasing)… Well, that’s what I think Remote Participation and Remote Viewing are.

The human mind is a pretty magic thing. It can, under the right circumstances, poke holes right through the dimensional walls. But something comes back through those holes you create.

The Exogenous. I didn’t invent that word, I don’t really know what it means, but that’s where the nightmares come from.

The Mind Palace is the only way I knew to protect myself.

Now, everybody is playing with this stuff. We’re messing with those dimensional walls every day. Creating new Portals. Remote participating. All of it.669336235708792e6b692e437757b653

I can’t stop that from happening, but I can tell you how to protect yourself. That’s why I created the ruse of my own disappearance. So Agents could enter my Mind Palace and see how it works. Learn from it.

The Exogenous are coming through the walls that we’re tearing down. I believe they are a threat.

So find your most potent memories and build a Mind Palace with them. Make it strong. Dig a moat around it.

The world’s changing, and no one can protect you inside your head… except you.

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