Endings and Beginnings

Agents, Investigators, I say this occasionally, probably not as much as I should: Thank you for energy, your passion, your intelligence, your good intentions. You define Ingress and you define this Investigation. I hope to continue to be humbled by you, as I am every day. May 2018 be a good year for you. PA

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The Redacted Report — Part 1

Not even close to a secure delivery… this literally landed in my inbox… It also arrived redacted as you see here (unlike last time when I was playfully redacting some sections of their documents to test the Investigative community). I have no further information on the red numbering over the redactions, but I’ll start digging and let you know what I discover.

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A Secure Delivery

A curious document crossed my wires — source: Central Omnilytics, who have previously produced some interested reading. Frankly, don’t know what it means right now, but I suspect this is the beginning of something…

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Jaicat’s New Glyph Music Project

After yesterday’s post, I was made aware (via a comment) that Agent Jaicat has another project in the works… a Glyph Music project targeted for March of 2018… He’ll be developing this new music based on Glyph sequences submitted by other fellow Agents. There are just a few more weeks left to make these submissions, so I decided to surface this information now. Send Jaicat your ideas…

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Jaicat’s Journey

Another stunning revelation by Agent Jaicat, whose ‘Glyph Music’ project continues to amaze and inspire me… His most recent upload — Journey — which he claims to have possibly originated from enoch dalby himself, is haunting.

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Omnivore’s Kin?

Some folks asked me if this system being developed by the Pentagon is another fork of Omnivore, like ADA is (or was when she was first deployed to the Niantic Project… she’s changed a lot since then…). The answer is I don’t know, but if the answer turned out to be yes, I wouldn’t be surprised in the least…

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Crossing Paths at the Castle – IV

My conversation with Misty at the Castle comes to an end…

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Crossing Paths at the Castle – III

Part 3 of my conversation with Misty at the Castle.

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Crossing Paths at the Castle – II

Part 2 of my meeting with Misty at the Magic Castle…

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Crossing Paths at the Castle – I

I met Misty at the Magic Castle before leaving town… we had an interesting conversation, one which I’ll be continuing to share over the coming days…

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