Who was Ken Owen?

He was a shadowy guy from a shadowy time. Ken Owens was a political ‘spin hacker’ who was brought in during crises to find ways to ‘reframe the narrative’ about them. In other words, lie.

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#13MAGNUSReawakens Day 2: Anomaly Intel, Footprints and Phase Maps

I’ve been able to obtain a trove of intelligence related to Day Two of the #13MAGNUSREAWAKENS Anomalies. These Anomalies will take place on September 23rd.

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Hank Johnson confirms Ken Owen’s Death

I was able to get my hands on this off-the-cuff clip of Hank Johnson behind the scenes at the #MistyMindPalace RPE event… He’s caught getting a phone call from Washington DC (who was the caller?) confirming news that we uncovered yesterday but could not verify… Ken Owen — the masterful PR manipulator who helped conceal the leak of the Ingress XM Scanner as a game — has been found dead in front of a monument at the Kennedy Center.

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Body found... Is it Ken Owen?

Body found… Is it Ken Owen?

A body found near the Kennedy Center. They claim it’s Ken Owen. Not sure if this news is real or fake… Can’t trace back the source, none of my DC sources are spilling any beans on this right now.

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Where there never was a hat

Things are heating up in Burbank, where agents have gathered to venture into Misty Hannah’s Mind Palace RPE using the power of the Trickster’s Top Hat Portal. Tune in to facebook.com/ingress and twitch.tv/ingress to follow things as they unfold.

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Witnessing the Mind Palace


I’ll be on the ground at the Mind Palace RPE tomorrow. Stay tuned in to the Ingress Facebook page, where both Hank and I will help cover the event as it unfolds, and if you want an even closer look at the action, try the live feed on Twitch.

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Palace Intrigue

Hank Johnson confirms his presence at Saturday’s RPE event… and shares his thoughts and concerns on what we might encounter there.

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What is in #TheMindPalace?

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A visit to the Mind Palace

So, I now know for certain that Hank Johnson, having been unable to find Misty in Australia, is making his way to Los Angeles to be present for The Mind Palace RPE event. The Trickster’s Top Hat will be there… and who knows, if we are indeed adventuring into a Mind Palace made by Misty Hannah — the trickster herself may appear as well. And you know me. I can’t see a gathering like this and stay away myself… There’s going to be stuff to discover and report on, for sure, so I’ll be there too.

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Mustafa “MuMu” Said’s History of NL-1331

Came across this while browsing Operation: Essex… It’s a detailed history of the November Lima program (specifically, its first project: NL-1331) from @MustafaSaid. Well-resourced and well-informed… Many thanks for putting this together, Mumu…

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