Now You See

An amazing find by the Investigators of Operation Essex… A hidden detail within the information brought to light by Ben Jackland at #EXO5 San Francisco. Is this one of Roland Jarvis’s sculptures? Could he be involved in the emergence of the Exogenous-Enhanced Scanner known as ‘Ingress Prime?’

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Final Thoughts by Hank Johnson

In the final moments of #EXO5, Hank Johnson shares his closing thoughts on the revelations that emerged over the course of the day before leaving Taipei, Taiwan. Some of these thoughts are verifiable… others, perhaps less so… Where is he right? Where is he wrong? Where might he be intentionally misleading the thread…?

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Mutual Mistrust

In one of the final moments captured at #EXO5 San Francisco, Devra reveals her inner thoughts about another member of the XM Research community to a citizen Investigator…

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Akira and Devra bump into each other at #EXO5 San Francisco. It’s a cold encounter — it’s likely they were both wearing masks — but one of them’s better at it… Devra doesn’t really have a great answer for Akira’s probing question…

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Uncover Everything

Even outside the clandestine world, this grows increasingly normal… ‘low-level’ AIs begin to expand our understanding of the universe, showing us the hidden.

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A Disparaging Rumor

Yes, I saw this. I wanted to not dignify it with a response, but let’s set the record straight: No, I didn’t ‘attack’ ingress.report because they revealed some stuff about me, as the operator(s) of that site have suggested, and as Agent YutoRaion asks. Yeah, maybe I could have, but I didn’t. Just not how I roll.

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Where There Was One

Rumors had emerged of Agents witnessing this conversation between ADA at #EXO5 Tallinn, but no evidence had emerged to support it. Until now.

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A Moment of Connection

This moment, captured by a citizen Investigator at #EXO5 San Francisco, is made even more inexplicable in light of what we saw Misty say yesterday… What’s her deal? She’s an enigma through and through…

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Not Who She Says She Is

Misty Hannah — captured at #EXO5 San Francisco by a citizen Investigator — shares her thoughts on the Acolyte…

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Something to Hide

Misty Hannah has something to hide… What is it?

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