A Robust Framework

A statement from The Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs regarding a new campaign emerging in the European Parliament…

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NL-1331 on the move again

Update from Hank. NL-1331 is on the move again… and that’s always interesting news.

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Another leak from my source at the NIA. Are there sharks in the water?

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The Quantum Machines

I mentioned yesterday that I thought it was strange that some unknown actor may be trying to debunk what we’ve learned about the effects of XM… Could there be political or profit-driven motivations?

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The Rumor Mill

Jay Phillips seems to have succeeded in getting a fire lit under his staff — it looks like people are hopping into high gear to ensure the funding channels remain healthy. But what’s this about another agency trying to debunk the effects of XM? What purpose could it serve to bury all knowledge about the threats and opportunities of Exotic Matter?

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The Briefing

This came my way via a source in the NIA — I won’t say more, can’t overstate the value of knowing people inside the labyrinthine world of shadowy intelligence groups.

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Defined by Us

I’ve been thinking about the Nine Faction chart that I shared a few days ago — particularly because many asked me where I stand on the ideas expressed there. It’s something I’m still — years after I first began to learn about XM and sentient AIs — trying to figure out.

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New Glyphs Appearing?

Been hearing some reports that new Glyphs and Glyph messages have begun to appear in the Ingress Scanner. I have yet to encounter them myself, can the community help confirm, catalog and analyze the new messages that are emerging?

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The New Wave Enlightened: Your Observations

A few days ago I shared why I had gone out on a limb to suggest that New Wave Enlightened (NWE) were present at the Portal creation ceremony on New Year’s. Many of you shared some incredibly astute observations that I felt deserved highlighting.

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The Nine Faction Theory

This came across my radar a few days ago, and I felt it needed a wider audience — there are a lot of good observations here that I think merit a broader discussion within the Investigative community.

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