Playing with Fire

It appears that some recent news about a ‘Role Playing Game’ event taking place at 13MAGNUS: REAWAKENS has Stein Lightman concerned… he’s broken a long period of silence to share his thoughts…

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KodamaSmiles: #FateOfThe13 Part 4

In this, final fragment, KodamaSmiles’ briefing focuses on the communities that joined together to face the challenges of the Shard Event, as well as its final outcome.

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Hank Johnson: Past and Future

Hank reveals some additional details about his meeting with Jahan — including the remarkable properties of the Prime Object that enabled it…

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KodamaSmiles: #FateOfThe13 Part 3

@KodamaSmiles presents a briefing on the recent global XM event — #FateOfThe13. In this fragment she focuses on the nature of the operations that surrounded the Global Shard Event.

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Hank Johnson: Order and Chaos

Completing his thoughts from yesterday — Hank Johnson probes the true nature of our reality — versus the narrative construction we build to try and understand it…

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Hank Johnson: Time and Place

Hank reveals a recent meeting with Jahan — and shares an interesting insight on the Links between places separated by space and time, but connected by something else…

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KodamaSmiles: #FateOfThe13 Part 2

Part 2 of @KodamaSmiles briefing on #FateOfThe13

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Universe State

Jay Phillips’ response to the recent query from Shaw Henson about the MAGNUS event in Navarro, CA. Some interesting news here… Be curious what you all make of this…

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KodamaSmiles: #FateOfThe13 Part 1

@KodamaSmiles presents a briefing on the recent global XM event — #TheFateOfThe13, in which Agents moved 91 Shards through the Portal Network to battle for the fate of the 13 Archetypes comprising the Niantic Magnus and the researchers who currently represent it. The individual or individuals to whom she is speaking are unknown at this time. This is Part 1 of a series.

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Into the Woods

It looks like the upcoming MAGNUS: REAWAKENS event has started to get some attention in the intel community… It’ll be interesting to see what they uncover…

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