Compromised XM Briefing (Pt3) – The Past

The third fragment of this classified White House briefing about the history of XM has come to the surface. The briefer’s assessment is a stark reminder: To understand the present and plan for the future, one must look to the past.

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One of Thirteen: ENL claim first victory in Global Shard Event

The Enlightened have managed to take control of 4 of the 7 Shards associated with the Spiritualist Archetype, currently bound to Stein Lightman.

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Tomorrow’s Brains

Came across this article and these intriguing… haunting images. This is what the everyday brains of tomorrow will look like… Is it a coincidence that they appear almost organic in nature?

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Hank Johnson: The Beyond

Hank Johnson witnesses a technology he can’t comprehend… and tastes a fragmentary glimpse of something beyond this reality…

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Enlightened currently lead MAGNUS Shards…

About five days in, the Enlightened currently lead the struggle to control the #Magnus Shards, but much remains ahead… I’ve added a link to Thrakazog’s #Shard tracker on the menu to the left. It’s an excellent resource for those looking to keep an eye on state of this worldwide event…

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Hank Johnson — More on his MAGNUS research

Hank continues to share what he discovered in an ancient, desecrated MAGNUS nest… this post is a continuation of commentary he began in this post…

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Essex Investigator sheds light on the 13 Archetypes

An excellent piece of community journalism, Investigator Ariel Diana (Arielsmurfeater) put together these theories about the 13 Archetypes identified in the NIA leak from a few days ago…

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Hank Johnson: Uncovering the enigma of MAGNUSES

Hank Johnson reveals the true purpose of this recent investigations — uncovering the enigma behind 13MAGNUSES and ANTI-MAGNUSES.

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Reunion – 2

Here is the second fragment of the bizarre conversation I uncovered yesterday… Devra’s final question is one that I’ve pondered as well — what do the 3 empty chambers in the ABADN image mean?

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Reunion – 1

I honestly don’t know if I should believe this leaked chatlog — it seems surreal in some ways. For now, I’m treating it at as real… it appears Calvin was able to bring together all the former Niantic Researchers (most of whom have stayed way, way underground since their recursion after the events of #Abaddon) to discuss what’s happening in the Portal Network right now.

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