Interesting leak… Personally I’m glad to see Hank striving to do more in his new role at the NIA.

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Rise & Fall

Fascinating story about a vanished civilization in the Cyclades (off the coast of mainland Greece)… Its builders had created an incredibly advanced city… one with sophisticated metallurgical skills, underground drainage systems and a pyramidal landscape constructed from hundreds of tons of imported marble. And then, suddenly, it was gone.

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Quantum Capsule Deployment

Got a tip from a source at IQTech. A memorandum circulated earlier today revealed that the corporation is proceeding to the deployment phase with their Quantum Capsule technology… These XM Objects will likely be hackable from the Portal Network imminently…

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Chicago’s fascinating history hides many secrets… some of which have never been uncovered.

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The Answers

Put your thinking hats on, Investigators… A source turned me on to to a protected internal site used by centralOMNILYTICS’ analysts to compile reports. It seems to only contain one ongoing operation: The Redacted Report.

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A Quantum Machine

My own experiences with XM, as well as seeing the powers and perceptions of the incredible sensitives I have encountered over the years, leads me to believe that this theory could be true: The brain is a quantum interface.

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The Redacted Report – Part 9

I believe these to be the final pages of The Redacted Report — they cover the Acolyte, Twyla Klippe (who may or may not be the same person) and centralOmnilytics’ final conclusion about the deaths of Calvin, Phillips and Owen. Of course, much of this document is obfuscated, but I suspect we’ll learn more about that shortly…

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More Human

In my mind, there are three forces colliding in the journey that leads down the road of ‘artificial intelligence’ and towards the creation of ‘synthesized minds.’

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NL-1331A Deployment: Australia, New Zealand, Japan

I’m attempting to learn more about a deployment of NL-1331A to Australia, New Zealand and Japan. I’m hearing that Akira’s pushing for next-gen technology to be implemented immediately in the fleet — against the objections of some of her researchers who fear she may be going too far.

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The Next Machines

It’s rare that you find an article that explains something as complex as Quantum Computing in such a friendly and easy to understand manner. Great read.

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