Emerging Intel: ‘Dark XM CounterResponse’ Shard Operation in Fukuoka — Part 2

As promised earlier, here is further Operation Intel related to the upcoming Dark XM counterpattern operation — using Flash Shards across a 2 hour window — that will take place in Fukuoka, Japan on April 7th.

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Emerging Intel: ‘Dark XM CounterResponse’ Shard Operation in Fukuoka — Part 1

I’ve been able to obtain this Anomaly Intel related to TS-DARZALAS — in particular the localized Dark XM Threat operation, which will use Flash Shards as a research tool, in Fukuoka, Japan on April 7th, 2018.

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God of Dreams

A map… A redacted document… A fragment of obsidian. Who sent this mysterious package to Ishira the Glyph Hunter, and why? And what will it lead to… A new mystery is unfolding: TS-MORPHEUS — the god of dreams…

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An Ancient Civilization in the Amazon

Another ancient civilization that seems to have simply disappeared without a trace… all that’s left now? Archeological geoglyphs — the shapes they left carved into the earth…

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The Past

Seven ancient power-spots reconstructed to reveal their former splendor. Hank Johnson: Did you have something to do with this?

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Dark XM Threat Response: Day 2

Congrats to the Resistance. As Day Two of the Dark XM Threat Response reached its end, they had gained a slight advantage, thanks in large part to their Agents around the world who captured huge swaths of Portals to claim the Global Challenge.

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Dark XM Threat and Response: Day Two Approaching

Day Two of the global Dark XM Threat Response is about to begin… be sure to tune in to my Scoreboard page to check in on the latest results, and follow reports of Agent adventures on Google+ with the hashtag #DarkXMCure.

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Dreams and Nightmares

This writer probes possible futures where the Human and the Artificially Intelligent are interwoven. The predictions range from the amusing to the sad.

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A Glyph Hunter’s Journey

There are a number of Agent-driven projects probing the depth of XM’s mysteries… One of the most incredible among them is Ishira “Glyph Hunter” Tsubasa’s Glyph Journal — which explores the hidden meaning and power of this mind-altering language.

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Upcoming MAGNUS Events

News emerged earlier this month that May 2018 will feature not one, but two MAGNUS events. Camp Navarro will once again be alive with creative potential — and this year, the energy will extend across the Atlantic into Schloss Kaltenberg in Geltendorf, Germany.

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