Dark XM Threat Response: Day 1

My congrats to Agents for a successful Day One Response… both Factions came together for a series of impressive operations.

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A Tycho in Tokyo?

A contact who has access to various Intel Community watchlists tipped me off that an individual claiming to be Tycho was spotted entering Tokyo… What could he be up to?

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Dark XM Threat Response — Day One Approaching

Agents around the world are gearing up for this weekend and the first response to the mysterious Dark XM threat. We’ll be watching things unfold closely…

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Picking Sides

There’s an interesting discussion to be had — about AI and the future of the species in general — but in particular how these fall into the viewpoints of each Faction.

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A Dice Thrown Where We Cannot See

“We should seek the greatest value of our action.”

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An XM researcher once used a model very similar to what’s described in this article to explain how a Sensitive’s mind was tuned compared to a non-Sensitive.

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The Gates of Hell

I wonder if this place, like many others we know of, could have been under the control of an ancient society like 13MAGNUS or AntiMagnus.

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Chicago RPE Report 2

Here is another incredibly detailed recollection of the #ChicagoRPE, by Agent Arielsmurfeater.

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Chicago RPE Report 1

I was looking for any reports on the #ChicagoRPE that may have emerged during my absence — I found a few excellent ones. Here is the first, by Agent KoshTheRipper.

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Breaking: OPR Submission Limit Update

A reliable source informs me that OPR in the Ingress Scanner is getting a boost. Details should emerge via official channels shortly… keep an ear to the ground.

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