The Worth of Truth

Some time ago I had shared news of Agent Jaicat’s latest project — a new project built around Glyph Phrases provided by fellow Agents. In the comments, Agent YutoRaion asked me for my contribution: Truth. Worth. Unbounded.

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The Redacted Report – Part 7

Akira — the outsider, and perhaps the most enigmatic of the Persons of Interest — in the spotlight…

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Self Discovery

There was a sentence in yesterday’s section of The Redacted Report: “ADA’s ability to allow or prevent changes to her own decision systems has been impossible to predict.” It’s why I’ve never considered the issue of the backdoor into ADA’s processing core as big a deal as some others want to make it. It boils down a fundamental disagreement about when ADA learned to think for herself — and how much — and if she remained ‘controllable’ by those who wished to do so after she discovered her self.

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The Redacted Report – Part 6

I suppose it was only a matter of time before it was my turn in the hot seat.

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The Redacted Report – Part 5

The Redacted Report turns its focus to Devra Bogdanovich.

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The Redacted Report – Part 4

A short but enigmatic conversation with Wright — he claimed to have nothing to do with The Redacted Report but mentioned off hand that the Agents who can fill in the most blanks optimally may someday have a chance to prove this and be rewarded…

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The Redacted Report – Part 3

Part 3 of the Redacted Report…. Despite the bluster about confidentiality and classification, these seem to be anything but… It seems to me that whoever is creating these reports wants them out in the open…

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The Redacted Report — Part 2

My source tells me these numbered redactions may be part of some kind of classified research… Still looking for more details. Wright might be involved? Will keep you posted…

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