To Be or Not to Be

Hank Johnson faces a difficult decision as he considers whether or not to take over the NIA. What do you think he should do?

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A Show of Force

Akira acquiesced to a conversation. Short — off the record at whatever points she said so. Those were her conditions. Public place. Lots of people. Those were mine. In how it went down, I feel I’ve learned more about Akira than I wanted.

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Seeking Akira

Brief update. Trying to track down Akira Tsukasa — see if she’ll speak to me. Have a feeling she knows more about what’s happening… Especially given her involvement in the NL project.

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ENL claim #EXO5 Day One — and Hank Johnson has some crazy news…

Congratulations to the Enlightened who have claimed Day One of #EXO5 with a narrow but hard-fought win… They’ll be gaining access to some information Devra Bogdanovich has been working on. I was in Osaka — and it was wild. But it turns out, Hank Johnson had a way wilder day than me… Don’t believe me? Just watch this… Try not to hurt your jaw when it hits the floor.

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#EXO5 Begins — Scoreboard Live on Investigate

#EXO5 is beginning and the networks are starting to buzz with activity. I’m on the ground in Osaka and things are heating up here too. Scoreboard’s live on Investigate, and here’s a handy link for sharing: — Stay tuned in… big day today.

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Arrived Osaka

Arrived Osaka

Arrived Osaka. Tired but eager to start meeting some of the people here who have been helping with my Investigation.

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Devra’s Research

Saw Hank Johnson at Calvin’s memorial service earlier today, but it seems he didn’t tell me everything he had learned. He just shared some pretty interesting news about Devra’s latest research and how it connects to the upcoming Anomalies on his G+ page… According to him, the Faction that wins the day will likely gain access to Devra’s research paper.

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Kodamasmiles: Everything You Need to Know — #EXO5 Day 1

Everything You Need to Know headed into the first day of the #EXO5 Anomalies, courtesy of your friendly neighborhood Agent KodamaSmiles.

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Backup copy -- Anomaly Intel for November 4

Backup copy — Anomaly Intel for November 4

It appears that #EXO5 Day 1 Anomaly Intel is not currently available via the Google Drive links previously disclosed by the Investigation here or via the Anomaly Registration pages at As a stopgap (until the Google Drive documents are back online), here is a full copy of the TS-CHIMERA-I Anomaly Intel doc in PDF form.

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Details emerging… Funeral Services for Calvin scheduled

Details are emerging in the attack that took place on an NIA facility last Friday. It is now clear that this was a targeted assassination using an explosive device.

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