Hulong Anomaly Intel - Massive Maps Leak

Hulong Anomaly Intel – Massive Maps Leak

A source leaked these maps to me just a few moments ago. I have not been able to confirm their veracity at this time, but for those working on preparing for the Aegis Nova Anomalies, I suspect they will be valuable nonetheless. My source told me this was just the first batch in a major series of leaks, with more coming today, so stay tuned.

One of the maps seemed a little odd to me. Let me know if you can spot what I saw and figure out what it means.

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Klue’s Nightmares and her Dream

It seems that my failures have come back to haunt Klue. Threads of ADA left in her mind have been disrupting her peace. And the Acolyte has stepped in… offering peace through some kind of ‘Rite of Transition.’ Klue… I hope you know what you’re doing. Agents, what do you think of Klue’s decision?

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Pointed Inquiries

Check this out. An internal NIA letter just revealed a possible lead into what’s happening with ADA and Lynton-Wolfe. Apparently, some feelers have emerged checking into the salary requirements of scientists who could help support an XM lab.

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What separates us from ADA

What separates us from ADA

What separates us from ADA? I don’t know if we’ll ever be able to answer that question, but Jahan narrows the scope in her own evaluation. In her mind, the future she wants the N’zeer to help create is very different from that what ADA is pursuing. For Jahan, this is a humanitarian mission, one founded in empathy and human need. What do you think?

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PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: May 15, 2016

Our week began with a revelation, one brought to us by Agents in San Diego:

The destructive attack on the Enlightened compound — the one that caused Oliver Lynton-Wolfe to go to ground — was caused by ADA.

We began this week with a single question: Why?

And then something astounding happened.

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ADA's Motives

ADA’s Motives

In a surveilled conversation, Hank Johnson and the Acolyte discuss the implications of the report recovered by Agents in San Diego.

The Acolyte firmly believes that Oliver Lynton-Wolfe and ADA were behind the recent changes to XM and Turrets in the Portal Network.

For now, I think it’s important to remember that she could be wrong. We don’t have the full picture yet.

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An Unexpected Change

I’m fairly certain I saw it too, Agents. Did you? Sudden and unexpected changes in the Portal Network… increased XM across all Portals and some changes to the way Turrets behave as well…

How did that happen? Are these two things connected? How might this connect to the events of the recent past?

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INGRESS REPORT - Inspired and Inspiring Agents - May 12 2016

INGRESS REPORT – Inspired and Inspiring Agents – May 12 2016

The #IngressReport is live, with new details about Aegis Nova, developments from the Investigation and an excellent collection of Sitreps.

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#AegisNova Anomaly Intel Fragments

I’ve recovered these fragments of an XM Anomaly Report from Hulong Transglobal that reveal key new mechanics associated with the Aegis Nova Anomaly Series. Important reading for those who will be involved in these Anomalies, either as Planners or on the ground. I suspect that declassified versions of this document will emerge directly from Hulong Transglobal in the following days.

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Safe, for now...

Safe, for now…

There were two conversations mentioned in the report about the attack on the Enlightened Compound. The first was ADA’s warning to Lynton-Wolfe, which emerged yesterday. The second was a call from Lynton-Wolfe to the Acolyte. The latter has now come to the surface.

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