Your Responses: Lynton-Wolfe's Message

Your Responses: Lynton-Wolfe’s Message

Thanks to those who took part in yesterday’s discussion about Lynton-Wolfe’s final message and what it might mean. Here are some of my favorite observations to emerge from that thread…

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Wright Discussion: Lynton-Wolfe’s #ViaNoir Message

“I have crossed the bridge. The machine cannot be unmade. Where there was one, there will be many.” Wright’s next discussion question centers around what these words might mean….

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Your Responses: Devra’s Motives

A number of you weighed in on the questions I shared yesterday with some incredibly astute responses. Here were my favorite thoughts — extracted from the comments…

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Bogdanovich’s Motives

I was listening in on a conversation Dr. Wright was having with some members of Operation Essex. It ultimately led to one simple question and it’s one I don’t have the answer for: What were Bogdanovich’s motives in the recent events of #ViaNoir?

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A Reflection of the Builder

To my knowledge, The Acolyte has not yet responded to the open letter from Agent @thedeacon1972 I published yesterday, but Hank Johnson just shared an interesting theory about the Tecthulhu… It’s worth a read and I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments…

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A message for The Acolyte

I was catching up on news in Operation Essex and came across this open letter to the Acolyte from Agent @thedeacon1972. He raises some valid concerns, and since (as he correctly points out) the Acolyte does not have a social media presence herself, I figured I would do my part to ensure this message gets the attention it deserves.

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December 10th – Japan

It seems this was the news Agent @KodamaSmiles was alluding to yesterday and what the code symbol put online by SETAI some days ago revealed to those in the know… Some kind of XM-related occurrence seems to be expected in Japan on December 10th…

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The Acolyte’s Plans

Our friend Agent @KodamaSmiles shares some news that’s been traveling through the grapevine recently…

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So where are we? I have the feeling it’s like that moment after the explosion when your ears are ringing. Everything is still. Some people are frozen… hunkered down and slowly regrouping. Others are carefully heading into the blast zone. Let’s go down the list: What we know. What we don’t know. What we think.

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Portal Recon

Some of you may have heard of this new development already… It’s called Operation Portal Recon. It emerged a few days ago, and I immediately began to try and uncover its roots and find out who was behind it.

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