Intel Alert: Seattle

Intel Alert: Seattle

I just received this message anonymously. No real message, either, just the attached images. I don’t know where any of these locations are, but given that NL-1331 is expected to make an appearance in Seattle tonight, it seems like that is a good a point as any to start hunting…

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Signals Inbound

Interesting. Agents around the world have been noticing some new Glyphs and Glyph Messages emerging in the Ingress Scanner. What have you found so far? Let me know in the comments. Has anyone sensed a pattern? What could this mean?

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Kodama’s Investigation: Susanna’s next destination

Kodama’s back on the grid… here’s her take on the documents we’ve uncovered over the last few days…

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Favors for Friends

I just got a weird message from Devra. A short one, too. Not sure what she’s up to, but it seems to involve me. I’ll keep you posted.

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Glimpse of a Machine

Investigators in Operation Essex and at the Niantic Project Wiki first uncovered this image. I suspect I saw this without seeing it when I first watched the Via Noir video some days ago. I guess it had imprinted subconsciously. The question now is: What the hell are we looking at?

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The Cycle

Investigator Maribel del Valle has helped document and thank the dozens of Agents who assisted in the recovery of this document, which I suspect is the final page revealing Susanna Moyer’s encounter with the Acolyte at the Enlightened compound in Northern California.

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There’s going to be a lot of Noir in New Orleans… bring your fedoras… but the stage will be set in Seoul and Rome… I wouldn’t let the fact that Jahan and the Acolyte are going head to head obscure what comes before. I suspect it’ll be just as important. Time to look back at the events of last week…

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My sources tell me the final pieces revealing Susanna Moyer’s encounter with the Acolyte hide within these Portals… It’s time to move, Agents.

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Time and Change

Agents from around the world helped recover this — from India to Peru to Norway to Istanbul and myriad locations in between. More of Susanna’s interactions at the Acolyte’s compound have now come to light — and we all know what was in that cabin — but how did that affect Susanna’s mission and her journey? I suspect we’ll find out soon.

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Worlds Enough

As I mentioned, there is more to discover about Susanna’s visit to the Acolyte’s compound. I suspect these clues will help bring that story to the surface. Can you help find what they are hiding?

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