INGRESS REPORT – Dangerous Secrets – June 16 2016

INGRESS REPORT – Dangerous Secrets – June 16 2016

#IngressReport: Dark news about Susanna’s father. His secrets at stake in #AegisNova. Amazing Ops from around the world.

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Body in Brooklyn. A Cover-Up?

A source at in the Brooklyn police department agreed to speak with me (way, way off the record). I just got off the phone with her. Here are the notes of my conversation. They shed a significant amount of light on the situation with the body that was recovered there some time ago, the body we think might be Nigel Moyer.

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The Acolyte’s Response on Klue

It seems the comments I made yesterday, along with some incitements from Dr. Wright, have prompted a response from the Acolyte. Here is the message I received earlier today:

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The #SaveKlue Resurgence

Some of my thoughts on Klue, the Acolyte, Jahan and the #SaveKlue movement’s resurgence.

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PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: June 12, 2016

We’re about two weeks out from the next Aegis Nova Anomalies, and a clearer picture of what’s at stake is beginning to emerge. Learn more in my Weekly Wrap-up.

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Obsidius Fragment: A Long Journey Ahead

Saw this emerge in a private group. My sources tell me that Resistance Agents Bent Stinessen and mmqlz helped recover this from a Portal at a runestone in Norway.

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An Etched Image

A clue from an anonymous source. I suspect it leads to more information about the ancient Sensitive known as Obsidius.

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Brooklyn: The Suspects

Who was behind the boat near Brooklyn during the last Aegis Nova Anomaly? In this leaked transcript, IQTech’s Avril Lorazon confronts Hulong Transglobal’s Yuen Ni with suspicions that the Asian XM corporation may have been behind what unfolded in Brooklyn. However, based on her response, it seems the true culprit may be someone else.

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Hank: The Aegis Nova Conflict

Hank Johnson discovers a lost Obsidius fragment, and shares his current thinking on the Aegis Nova conflict.

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Susanna’s Visit with Nigel

Susanna Moyer shares the details of her visit with Nigel Moyer.

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