#Cassandra Anomaly Scoreboard



The chart below and map above reflect current point distribution, which may change as the Anomalies progress — a tug of war for control.
More details about the Anomaly Gameplay Mechanics and Score Distribution can be found here.

Series Standing:


Detailed Scores — July 28, 2018:

Total Anomaly Score (Current Distribution)276.07123.93
Phase 1 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)75.4824.52
M1 Non Vols Controlled694445
M1 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 4)20978
M1 Raw Score1530757
M2 Non Vols Controlled812403
M2 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 6)16155
M2 Raw Score1778733
M3 Non Vols Controlled872415
M3 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 10)12419
M3 Raw Score2112605
M4 Non Vols Controlled944415
M4 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 22)639
M4 Raw Score2330613
Max Enl vs Max Res2330757
Phase 2 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)78.0621.94
Total Shards Available: 71
Research Points (Shard on Unique Research Node)12134
Phase 2 Raw Score12134
Phase 3 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)73.0626.94
M1 Starburst Target Links526109
M2 Starburst Target Links450194
Max Enl vs Max Res526194
Unique Anomaly Zone Hacks2426
Average (removing top, bottom 15%)18.8420.1
Point Distribution (of 50 available)2426
Prime Ops25.4724.53
Raw Score377363
Point Distribution (of 50 available)25.4724.53
Total Anomaly Score (Current Distribution)266.4683.54
Phase 1 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)63.6836.32
M1 Non Vols Controlled5518
M1 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 4)191
M1 Raw Score13122
M2 Non Vols Controlled6417
M2 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 6)114
M2 Raw Score13041
M3 Non Vols Controlled5931
M3 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 10)91
M3 Raw Score14941
M4 Non Vols Controlled4841
M4 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 22)22
M4 Raw Score9285
Max Enl vs Max Res14985
Phase 2 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)92.867.14
Total Shards Available: 6
Research Points (Shard on Unique Research Node)131
Phase 2 Raw Score131
Phase 3 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)76.9223.08
M1 Starburst Target Links1001
M2 Starburst Target Links1830
Max Enl vs Max Res10030
Unique Anomaly Zone Hacks3317
Average (removing top, bottom 15%)29.1814.78
Point Distribution (of 50 available)3317
Total Anomaly Score (Current Distribution)184.26215.75
Phase 1 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)48.8651.14
M1 Non Vols Controlled324505
M1 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 4)14181
M1 Raw Score888829
M2 Non Vols Controlled314565
M2 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 6)8190
M2 Raw Score8001105
M3 Non Vols Controlled314605
M3 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 10)6646
M3 Raw Score9741065
M4 Non Vols Controlled347617
M4 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 22)3323
M4 Raw Score10731123
Max Enl vs Max Res10731123
Phase 2 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)43.1356.88
Total Shards Available: 71
Research Points (Shard on Unique Research Node)6991
Phase 2 Raw Score6991
Phase 3 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)43.256.8
M1 Starburst Target Links23586
M2 Starburst Target Links235309
Max Enl vs Max Res235309
Unique Anomaly Zone Hacks2129
Average (removing top, bottom 15%)26.2835.64
Point Distribution (of 50 available)2129
Prime Ops28.0721.93
Raw Score453354
Point Distribution (of 50 available)28.0721.93
Total Anomaly Score (Current Distribution)115.31234.69
Phase 1 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)38.3161.69
M1 Non Vols Controlled117200
M1 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 4)3748
M1 Raw Score265392
M2 Non Vols Controlled106222
M2 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 6)2933
M2 Raw Score280420
M3 Non Vols Controlled121219
M3 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 10)2022
M3 Raw Score321439
M4 Non Vols Controlled96275
M4 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 22)1011
M4 Raw Score316517
Max Enl vs Max Res321517
Phase 2 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)38.2461.76
Total Shards Available: 21
Research Points (Shard on Unique Research Node)2642
Phase 2 Raw Score2642
Phase 3 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)3.7696.24
M1 Starburst Target Links899
M2 Starburst Target Links2205
Max Enl vs Max Res8205
Unique Anomaly Zone Hacks3515
Average (removing top, bottom 15%)51.2422.07
Point Distribution (of 50 available)3515
San Diego
Total Anomaly Score (Current Distribution)313.6686.34
Phase 1 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)78.7421.26
M1 Non Vols Controlled31782
M1 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 4)8916
M1 Raw Score673146
M2 Non Vols Controlled37166
M2 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 6)7010
M2 Raw Score791126
M3 Non Vols Controlled41067
M3 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 10)496
M3 Raw Score900127
M4 Non Vols Controlled45145
M4 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 22)199
M4 Raw Score869243
Max Enl vs Max Res900243
Phase 2 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)87.512.5
Total Shards Available: 21
Research Points (Shard on Unique Research Node)355
Phase 2 Raw Score355
Phase 3 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)98.421.58
M1 Starburst Target Links2440
M2 Starburst Target Links4367
Max Enl vs Max Res4367
Unique Anomaly Zone Hacks3119
Average (removing top, bottom 15%)34.5720.65
Point Distribution (of 50 available)3119
Prime Ops1832
Raw Score78141
Point Distribution (of 50 available)1832
Total Anomaly Score (Current Distribution)266.7983.21
Phase 1 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)77.4422.56
M1 Non Vols Controlled455138
M1 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 4)13727
M1 Raw Score1003246
M2 Non Vols Controlled532108
M2 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 6)10718
M2 Raw Score1174216
M3 Non Vols Controlled536105
M3 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 10)7114
M3 Raw Score1246245
M4 Non Vols Controlled581143
M4 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 22)2810
M4 Raw Score1197363
Max Enl vs Max Res1246363
Phase 2 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)7723
Total Shards Available: 31
Research Points (Shard on Unique Research Node)7723
Phase 2 Raw Score7723
Phase 3 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)89.3510.65
M1 Starburst Target Links3860
M2 Starburst Target Links36346
Max Enl vs Max Res38646
Unique Anomaly Zone Hacks2327
Average (removing top, bottom 15%)39.3844.54
Point Distribution (of 50 available)2327

Detailed Scores — August 25, 2018:

Total Anomaly Score (Current Distribution)152.81247.19
Phase 1 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)24.3775.63
M1 Non Vols Controlled151365
M1 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 4)3798
M1 Raw Score299757
M2 Non Vols Controlled149412
M2 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 6)2675
M2 Raw Score305862
M3 Non Vols Controlled149429
M3 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 10)1849
M3 Raw Score329919
M4 Non Vols Controlled189405
M4 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 22)628
M4 Raw Score3211021
Max Enl vs Max Res3291021
Phase 2 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)27.9172.09
Total Shards Available: 21
Research Points (Shard on Unique Research Node)1231
Phase 2 Raw Score1231
Phase 3 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)39.5360.47
M1 Starburst Target Links00
M2 Starburst Target Links68104
Max Enl vs Max Res68104
Unique Anomaly Zone Hacks3317
Average (removing top, bottom 15%)26.6213.41
Point Distribution (of 50 available)3317
Prime Ops2822
Raw Score273215
Point Distribution (of 50 available)2822
Total Anomaly Score (Current Distribution)284.9665.04
Phase 1 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)63.8436.16
M1 Non Vols Controlled9641
M1 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 4)1914
M1 Raw Score17297
M2 Non Vols Controlled10340
M2 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 6)1610
M2 Raw Score199100
M3 Non Vols Controlled11337
M3 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 10)125
M3 Raw Score23387
M4 Non Vols Controlled11244
M4 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 22)54
M4 Raw Score222132
Max Enl vs Max Res233132
Phase 2 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)94.125.88
Total Shards Available: 11
Research Points (Shard on Unique Research Node)161
Phase 2 Raw Score161
Phase 3 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)1000
M1 Starburst Target Links1150
M2 Starburst Target Links1830
Max Enl vs Max Res1830
Unique Anomaly Zone Hacks2723
Average (removing top, bottom 15%)13.8912.02
Point Distribution (of 50 available)2723
Total Anomaly Score (Current Distribution)131.45268.55
Phase 1 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)36.9763.03
M1 Non Vols Controlled72295
M1 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 4)3660
M1 Raw Score216535
M2 Non Vols Controlled58327
M2 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 6)2150
M2 Raw Score184627
M3 Non Vols Controlled47364
M3 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 10)1433
M3 Raw Score187694
M4 Non Vols Controlled99332
M4 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 22)149
M4 Raw Score407530
Max Enl vs Max Res407694
Phase 2 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)8.1691.84
Total Shards Available: 21
Research Points (Shard on Unique Research Node)445
Phase 2 Raw Score445
Phase 3 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)42.3257.68
M1 Starburst Target Links0184
M2 Starburst Target Links13551
Max Enl vs Max Res135184
Unique Anomaly Zone Hacks2228
Average (removing top, bottom 15%)30.738.46
Point Distribution (of 50 available)2228
Prime Ops2228
Raw Score266329
Point Distribution (of 50 available)2228
Total Anomaly Score (Current Distribution)184.78165.22
Phase 1 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)52.4547.55
M1 Non Vols Controlled194245
M1 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 4)5857
M1 Raw Score426473
M2 Non Vols Controlled227242
M2 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 6)4938
M2 Raw Score521470
M3 Non Vols Controlled230249
M3 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 10)3721
M3 Raw Score600459
M4 Non Vols Controlled264236
M4 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 22)1414
M4 Raw Score572544
Max Enl vs Max Res600544
Phase 2 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)54.5545.45
Total Shards Available: 21
Research Points (Shard on Unique Research Node)3025
Phase 2 Raw Score3025
Phase 3 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)54.7845.22
M1 Starburst Target Links5926
M2 Starburst Target Links189156
Max Enl vs Max Res189156
Unique Anomaly Zone Hacks2327
Average (removing top, bottom 15%)41.9748.03
Point Distribution (of 50 available)2327
Total Anomaly Score (Current Distribution)265.02134.99
Phase 1 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)59.1340.88
M1 Non Vols Controlled441215
M1 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 4)11758
M1 Raw Score909447
M2 Non Vols Controlled367302
M2 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 6)7358
M2 Raw Score805650
M3 Non Vols Controlled334296
M3 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 10)5732
M3 Raw Score904616
M4 Non Vols Controlled330302
M4 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 22)2816
M4 Raw Score946654
Max Enl vs Max Res946654
Phase 2 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)65.1234.88
Total Shards Available: 21
Research Points (Shard on Unique Research Node)2815
Phase 2 Raw Score2815
Phase 3 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)91.778.23
M1 Starburst Target Links14419
M2 Starburst Target Links30127
Max Enl vs Max Res30127
Unique Anomaly Zone Hacks2228
Average (removing top, bottom 15%)37.3745.77
Point Distribution (of 50 available)2228
Prime Ops2723
Raw Score161141
Point Distribution (of 50 available)2723
Total Anomaly Score (Current Distribution)298.9851.02
Phase 1 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)70.9829.02
M1 Non Vols Controlled12571
M1 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 4)3812
M1 Raw Score277119
M2 Non Vols Controlled14464
M2 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 6)299
M2 Raw Score318118
M3 Non Vols Controlled16256
M3 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 10)205
M3 Raw Score362106
M4 Non Vols Controlled16660
M4 Volatiles Controlled (Vol Value: 22)84
M4 Raw Score342148
Max Enl vs Max Res362148
Phase 2 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)1000
Total Shards Available: 11
Research Points (Shard on Unique Research Node)190
Phase 2 Raw Score190
Phase 3 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)1000
M1 Starburst Target Links1340
M2 Starburst Target Links2050
Max Enl vs Max Res2050
Unique Anomaly Zone Hacks2822
Average (removing top, bottom 15%)27.2420.94
Point Distribution (of 50 available)2822