The last time this happened, on Devra Bogdanovich’s watch, it turned out they were looking in the wrong direction… the signal they thought was coming from the stars was in fact coming from — all around them… the XM Portals.

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Vessels for Possibility

Hank shares some realizations that he has experienced following his visit to Jahan’s palace — the site of the attempted theft against her family’s Prime Artifact collection.

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The Reality of Tycho

As the elusive Misty Hannah prepares her search for Tycho at Comic-Con 2017, she and ADA discuss Tycho and the nature of reality and illusions…

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The Guardians

Hank Johnson continues the story of the attempted theft of Jahan’s Prime Artifact archives… and how it was repelled.

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Contacted by Jahan…

Hank Johnson shares some troubling news that Jahan passed his way… a Remote Participation enabled theft attempt on the Anti-Magnus Prime Artifact archives.

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Misty surfacing…. RPE Delayed…

I am now able to confirm that the Niantic Researcher who has been attempting to locate and contact Tycho is none other than the elusive Misty Hannah. My sources tell me that she may be present near Comic-Con on Friday, July 21st during the earlier part of the day. I will share more details as they emerge

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The ITO EN Transmuter

Recently, there was chatter about a new dual-variant Portal Mod: The ITO EN Transmuter… it first surfaced in the chaos surrounding #AgentOlympiad, but not much more was known… until now.

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The Troubles of the World

The former members of the Niantic MAGNUS discuss the troubles of the world…

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Watch and Listen...

Watch and Listen…

Five years after his appearance at Comic-Con 2012, Tycho may be re-emerging. Signals are pointing in two directions: San Diego, CA on Friday, July 21st and a possible RPG/RPE in Burbank, CA on Saturday, July 22nd.

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Future Edits

Hank makes contact with Misty… It’s unclear what they talked about it, but whatever it is, it appears to have shaken him…

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