More from Misty on exactly what she seems to have in store for the #13MAGNUSReawakens Anomalies. Just what is she up to?

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Anomaly Footprints and Phases

I’ve been able to get my hands on this intel related to the upcoming #13MAGNUSReawakens Anomalies — the images show the approximate impact areas as well as the Phase One and Phase Three divisions… I expect they will be useful as Agents enter the final phase of planning for these Anomalies, which will take place around the world next weekend.

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A New Pandora’s Box

It seems a number of folks have had opinions about Misty’s role in the upcoming Anomalies, but Misty herself has remained quiet on the matter. Not any more…

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Hank Johnson reveals what he believes to be Misty Hannah’s true intentions — he claims she may be intending to use the upcoming Ingress Anomalies to summon an exogenous intelligence and interface directly with it…

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It’s rare, Investigators, that the universe reminds us that the seemingly mundane cycles of ordinary life can hide the anomalous and (perhaps I’m channeling Misty) the magical…

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Closer to the source…

Hank Johnson elaborates on a theory he initially shared some days ago…

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0 + 0 = 1

In response to news that an AI has been crafted which defeats human masters in an online combat gaming¬†system, the Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs asks: “If the goal is to build ‘safe artificial general intelligence,’ ask yourself why they are training an AI to defeat humans in battle…”

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The Trickster’s True Nature

Some days ago, I shared a rumor that Misty Hannah may currently be somewhere in Australia. It seems the rumor may have had some credence to it. Hank Johnson reveals his concerns — and why he is headed to the upcoming Anomaly in Brisbane…

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A different kind of Virus

“In a mind-boggling world first, a team of biologists and security researchers have successfully infected a computer with a malicious program coded into a strand of DNA.”

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Misty on the road?

Apparently, Misty recently traveled to Australia. What is she after? What’s in Australia? And is this why Hank Johnson is headed to Brisbane? Is he following after her?

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