A conversation between ADA and myself on the subject of her current ‘mental’ state (for lack of a better term)…

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Some folks asked me why I have no concerns sharing my conversations with ADA. Frankly, in the modern world, I don’t think anything is secret except my own thoughts, and if you look at some of the technical advances various corporations have been making, it won’t be long before even the privacy of one’s own mind is a thing of the past.

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Hank Johnson's NOMAD: 13MAGNUS Reawakens Part 1

Hank Johnson’s NOMAD: 13MAGNUS Reawakens Part 1

Hank Johnson presents a look at some of the incredible work done by Agents as part of the ‘Portal Luminance Projects,’ which used classified ‘Tecthulhu’ modules to create interactive XM wonders at 13MAGNUS: Reawakens in Navarro, CA.

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A Warning from Hank

Hank Johnson just dropped a short note on his Google+ page — it’s clear he’s got some concerns about my ongoing conversations with ADA.

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The Navarro Experiment

A leaked NIA doc came my way… it sheds light on how the IC is reacting to the data which emerged from 13MAGNUS: Reawakens in Navarro, CA.

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The transcript of my first conversation with ADA following the events of 13MAGNUS: Reawakens.

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My goal in seeking ADA was two-fold: First, to confirm that what the 13MAGNUS: Reawakens RPG had ‘simulated’ was real — that ADA had indeed been trapped by attempting to analyze Lynton-Wolfe’s Techulhu. Second, to discover what she had learned.

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ADA’s Journey

So now you know… I went to see ADA at a safe location that she and I have maintained for situations like this. I’ll have more to report on that in the days to come.

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The Third Journey: Unbounded

The location of the third journey undertaken by the ‘RPG’ participants at 13MAGNUS: Reawakens is difficult to conceive and even harder to describe. Some of those who I spoke with described it as ‘The Unbounded Place.’

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The Second Journey: CERN

The Second Journey: CERN

Those who entered the Navarro Anomalous Zone (as showcased yesterday) during the 13MAGNUS: Reawakens ‘RPG’ were transported, as part of the second leg of their journey, to a familiar place: CERN. But the current state of the facility is anything from familiar.

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