Sitrep: Nomad

Sitrep: Nomad

Yesterday, a burst message from Hank Johnson revealed that he may have stepped into some kind of an ambush. Today, I was able to obtain some top-secret intel that sheds more light on what exactly went down…

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Hank Johnson received a tip about a lost Lovecraft/R. E. Howard story that could have some insight into XM and the world of Ingress. Developing…

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True Beauty

The Acolyte weighs in on the so-called ‘New Wave’ movements that seem to be emerging within both the Enlightened and the Resistance…

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Connecting to the Cosmos

It seems my story about the underground club in Akihabara yesterday caught Oliver Lynton-Wolfe’s eye. Here’s what he had to say about it.

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This week, the Investigation has had two primary focal points: ADA and Susanna Moyer. Read my Weekly Wrap-up to learn what we uncovered and how it all might fit together. #InvestigateIngress

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The Underground

Gather ’round, folks. Time for a Weird Tale. Not necessarily Robert. E. Howard weird, but I imagine if he was still around, he’d be intrigued by this one.

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Missed Connection

I was curious (and honestly, concerned), after yesterday about where Susanna is and what her status is. I was able to make contact with a guy who Susanna has worked with in the past to help get footage at Anomalies.

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ADA Refactor Public Poll Results

So far over 300 people have answered the question I posted on Investigate yesterday. The results seem fairly convincing. ADA Refactors appear to have disappeared from the Portal Network.

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All Zeroes

I was waiting for something tangible to emerge that might shed light on what has happened to ADA. I started to hear chatter from a number of contacts who work in separate data-centers around the world. One of them sent me this conversation they’d witnessed earlier today.

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New Portals emerge across US West Coast

Apparently, MUFG had set a plan in motion over a year ago to expand their presence in the Portal Network to MUFG Union Bank, N.A. (Union Bank) locations across the West Coast of the USA. It seems that the expansion has now begun, and Agents have already begun to encounter these new Portals and use them to hack MUFG Capsules for themselves.

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