The #SaveKlue Resurgence

Some of my thoughts on Klue, the Acolyte, Jahan and the #SaveKlue movement’s resurgence.

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Hank: The Aegis Nova Conflict

Hank Johnson discovers a lost Obsidius fragment, and shares his current thinking on the Aegis Nova conflict.

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Susanna’s Visit with Nigel

Susanna Moyer shares the details of her visit with Nigel Moyer.

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Devra in Tainan

Devra Bogdanovich just shared an update about the reasons she travelled to Tainan, as well as how she has been faring since the events of Abaddon. It seems her struggle to reconstruct her mind fully is a continuing process… and while Agents were able to help her recover some lost memories in Tainan, much work remains.

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Klue’s Nightmares and her Dream

It seems that my failures have come back to haunt Klue. Threads of ADA left in her mind have been disrupting her peace. And the Acolyte has stepped in… offering peace through some kind of ‘Rite of Transition.’ Klue… I hope you know what you’re doing. Agents, what do you think of Klue’s decision?

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Top Line Report: San Diego Intel Mission

For those of you who will be on the ground in San Diego tomorrow and are new to the Investigation, I’ve prepared a top-line report to help you get up to speed.

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A Mission in San Diego

Since that clue emerged yesterday via Susanna Moyer, I’ve been digging to learn more. Here’s what I’ve found out…

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Where Ideas Come From

There’s a rabbit-hole here. It goes deep, and it leads to an interesting (perhaps even an uncomfortable) question. Are you willing to dive in?

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#IngressPortalSurvey ends. ‘A huge success,’ according to OLW.

Oliver Lynton-Wolfe’s #IngressPortalSurvey has come to an end, and he and ADA have begun to analyze the results. He predicts that they will be able to return some XM to the Portals in the very near future. Just in time, it seems, as he reports that the Power Cube stockpile he was able to release some weeks ago has begun to run out.

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#IngressPortalSurvey: Experiment Concludes on Wednesday

An update from Oliver Lynton-Wolfe on the #IngressPortalSurvey experiment. He intends to continue to gather data until the end of Wednesday. I mentioned yesterday that I was in awe of how fervently Agents around the world have contributed to this experiment. It seems OLW shares many of my sentiments.

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