Where There Was One

Rumors had emerged of Agents witnessing this conversation between ADA at #EXO5 Tallinn, but no evidence had emerged to support it. Until now.

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A Moment of Connection

This moment, captured by a citizen Investigator at #EXO5 San Francisco, is made even more inexplicable in light of what we saw Misty say yesterday… What’s her deal? She’s an enigma through and through…

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Not Who She Says She Is

Misty Hannah — captured at #EXO5 San Francisco by a citizen Investigator — shares her thoughts on the Acolyte…

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Something to Hide

Misty Hannah has something to hide… What is it?

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The Aegis Shield and the Quantum Capsule

The Aegis Shield and the Quantum Capsule

My sources at Visur and IQTech-East just shared some interesting news with me. At Visur, the technology being used to power the highly desired ‘AXA Shield’ has been ported to a new XM object called the ‘Aegis Shield.’ And over at IQTech-East, Akira’s people have acquired the ground-breaking technology that laid the basis for the ‘MUFG Capsule,’ and will now be distributing it through the Portal Network as the ‘Quantum Capsule.’

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. . .

A Complicated Situation

Yes, I have been made aware of this video clip which was surfaced by the ingress.report yesterday. I will say that I only did what I did because it seemed like the right thing to do at the time, it was the choice that protected the most. I’ll leave it at that.

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Something to gain...

Something to gain…

Who gained from the deaths of Calvin and Phillips? Akira Tsukasa has the only right answer…

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A Motive for Devra?

An Investigator uncovered this — captured during the recent #EXO5 Anomaly in San Francisco — a change in Devra’s access to critical information archives in a post-Calvin era? Something Hank Johnson opened up for his long-time friend? Is this motive for the death of Calvin?

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Glimpses of #EXO5

A number of interesting people (and myself) were present at #EXO5 San Francisco. Investigators captured a number of moments on camera. I’m continuing to uncover more… here’s what I’ve got so far:

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In Which PAC Faces the Heat

My answers to your questions from the last thread. Read on…

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