One More Chance: The Chicago RPE – Online Edition

I’ve just learned that Operation Essex Remote Participation Experimenter KoshTheRipper will be leading an open, Hangouts-on-Air based journey into the RPE that took place in Chicago last weekend.

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Mysterious Aberrations

The document below emerged, severely redacted, less than 24 hours ago. Within just a short amount of time, Agents of both Factions eviscerated the coded secrets hidden within it…

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Gazing into Chicago

The upcoming RPE event in Chicago has spurred some fascinating research from Operation Essex Investigator, Agent Melissa.

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A Message from a Nomad

The Nomad (aka Hank Johnson, current director of the NIA) reaches out to Misty Hannah — could this be related to the missing files we learned about a few days ago?

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Beyond the Human Mind

An interesting article on the nature of consciousness in unexpected places — how far do the effects of XM extend?

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Missing Files

It appears some old files have gone missing at the NIA — curious what Hank Johnson is digging into that someone wanted buried so deeply…

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Hearing the End

Agent Jaicat — resident Glyph Musician — probes the sounds of the end of a civilization. A dangerous space in thought to explore… I hope he was careful.

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Forest of Secrets

Forest of Secrets

What an incredible find… an amazing application of a powerful technology. The ruins of a massive ancient city have been discovered in Guatemala…

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The Influencers

I wonder if this is evidence of the N’zeer’s influence on early humanity… could this be part of the secret that Jahan’s family is hiding?

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RPE in Chicago — Signups Closing Tomorrow

Agents, I’ve been informed that signups for the RPE at G-Mart Comics in Chicago on February 10th from 12-3PM will close tomorrow at the end of the day.

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