Memory and Experience

Memory and Experience

Hank Johnson mourns the loss of a beautiful and powerful ancient site to the ravages of time and war.

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Cracking the Voynich

Historians and cryptanalysts struggled to make sense of this intriguing artifact for a century. Then, they tried using an artificial intelligence…

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Murder at the NIA: Analyst Response Portal

Some days ago I mentioned that I was able to uncover an internal centralOmnilytics site designed to allow analysts to contribute their responses to The Redacted Report. This site has now been revealed…

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Ancient Manuscripts

Fascinating news… a renowned fiction author will be funding a massive operation aimed at digitizing nearly 5000 books and manuscripts, some several hundred years old…

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Ishira’s Analysis: The Self Destruct Sequence

Ishira’s analysis of the dangerous ‘Civilization Self-Destruct Code’ is incredible, and it raises some very important questions. A must read.

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The Self Destruct Sequence

A couple of men in dark suits began tailing me early yesterday. I went underground to try and lose them, but they kept picking up my scent. Deep in the city it’s hard, if not impossible, to go off grid entirely. Cameras everywhere. Microphones. Eyes.

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Some days ago I had surfaced a few rumors about NL-1331’s next deployment in the Pacific region. We’ve recently been able to recover additional intel about this new and updated experiment from Akira Tsukasa.

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Mind Virus

How did our ability to think at the level we do evolve in the first place… did XM and the “Shaper Mind Virus” play a role?

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Signup Sheet for Chicago Ingress RPE

Agents, here’s the signup sheet for the Chicago Ingress RPE. Everything I’ve heard about it so far sounds incredible… envious of the Agents who’ll be there on the ground.

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Interesting leak… Personally I’m glad to see Hank striving to do more in his new role at the NIA.

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