NL 1331-E Operative Report - Part II

NL 1331-E Operative Report – Part II

More of the NL-1331E report… I surfaced Part I yesterday.

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NL 1331-E Operative Report - Part I

NL 1331-E Operative Report – Part I

I’ve been able to obtain this field report by an NIA operative deployed with NL-1331E… Here’s the first part… It’s a fascinating read, and confirmation that the NL program vehicles are evolving in new and dangerous ways…

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Kodamasmiles: Everything You Need to Know 10/11/2017

Here’s Kodama’s distillation of current events in the Investigation:

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Completely Overwhelmed

Roland Jarvis’ Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs is back, once again attempting to cast Artificial Intelligence in the scariest possible light…

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RPE in Boulder

An RPE may be taking place in Boulder, CO on the eve of the #EXO5 Anomaly. If you’re going to be in Boulder and would like to participate, sign up now…

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Motive, Means, Opportunity

We now have strong reason to believe that the triggerman who killed Ken Owen was a professional assassin known only as 855.

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The Mind’s Map

This was an interesting read… Could this be how mental structures like Misty’s Mind Palace work?

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Enlightened or Resistance: Joseph Marie Jacquard

I was enjoying a debate on this subject with a fellow Investigator, and it occurred to me that the very topic of our conversation could make for an interesting recurring feature on Investigate. The question at hand: Were certain brilliant historic figures more likely to be Enlightened or Resistance? Our first contender: Joseph Marie Jacquard — the creator of the incredible Jacquard Loom.

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Hunter and Prey

Felicia Hajra-Lee — a sensitive visionary who in the past has offered detailed, insightful windows into hidden moments in the world of Ingress — has emerged once more. Her latest vision: A prey. A hunter. A murder in Washington.

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An Image from the Past

Investigator Yik Sheng Lee turned this image up… apparently it originated in Rome during #ViaNoir — Hank Johnon’s seen adding notes to his journal.

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