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A Complicated Situation

Yes, I have been made aware of this video clip which was surfaced by the ingress.report yesterday. I will say that I only did what I did because it seemed like the right thing to do at the time, it was the choice that protected the most. I’ll leave it at that.

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Something to gain...

Something to gain…

Who gained from the deaths of Calvin and Phillips? Akira Tsukasa has the only right answer…

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A Motive for Devra?

An Investigator uncovered this — captured during the recent #EXO5 Anomaly in San Francisco — a change in Devra’s access to critical information archives in a post-Calvin era? Something Hank Johnson opened up for his long-time friend? Is this motive for the death of Calvin?

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Glimpses of #EXO5

A number of interesting people (and myself) were present at #EXO5 San Francisco. Investigators captured a number of moments on camera. I’m continuing to uncover more… here’s what I’ve got so far:

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In Which PAC Faces the Heat

My answers to your questions from the last thread. Read on…

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Persons of Interest: Myself (PAC)

Lots of information emerged over the course of this weekend.
In the coming days I’m going to be sorting through it all with your help, and trying to make sense of it. But if we’re going to put everybody under the microscope, I volunteer to be first. That’s what being a Truthseeker has to mean. If you learned something about me that you want me to answer for, let me know in the comments, and I’ll put aside some time tomorrow to respond.

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Enlightened Claim #EXO5

My congrats to the Enlightened. Very hard fought — and kudos to the Resistance for pushing as hard as they did and never letting up. The world is not what it seems, Agents. And that’s why what we do here is important.

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#EXO5 Day Two

#EXO5 Day Two

Hank Johnson kicks off the day in Taipei, Taiwan. Much remains ahead. Stay tuned in on G+, ingress.report, FB and the other usual suspects… Good luck out there today, Agents.

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Central Omnilytics: The Ties to Epiphany Night

The third report from Central Omnilytics on the upcoming #Exo5 Anomaly — and how it ties back to the mysterious, tragic, and undoubtedly shadowy events of Epiphany Night.

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Central Omnilytics: Murder at NIAntic Report Part Two

Here’s the second report by an Intel Analysis group on the upcoming Anomaly — and apparently — how it might connect to another momentous night in the history of Ingress… Once again, Agents: I’m making you fill in the blanks…

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