Obsidius - IV & V

Obsidius – IV & V

  Excellent work, Agent Petros Santamouris. Thank you for your help in recovering this intel from Hadrian’s Arch in Athens, Greece.

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Obsidius - III

Obsidius – III

  Excellent work, Agent Dark Squirel. This #ObsidianExplorer in France helped us recover the latest intel from a Portal at the Alyscamps, an ancient Roman…

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Obsidius - II

Obsidius – II

    Excellent work Agents Sergio Tejeda Romero and Javier Morcillo. Today’s #ObsidianExplorers helped us recover this intel and documented their adventure to the Templo…

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Obsidius - I

Obsidius – I

  Thanks to the clue received yesterday and the excellent work of Agent Izik Avinoam, this fragment was recovered at a Portal in Jerusalem. It…

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