Jahan’s Call

I received this message from Jahan via one of my New Wave Resistance contacts. It seems some of the Acolyte’s words from yesterday irked her…

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The Path of Light

The Acolyte weighs in on the outcome of #ViaLux Day One, and shares a vision for the coming month with her fellow Enlightened.

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Message from Acolyte to the Enlightened

They Acolyte just shared a message to her followers via the Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs page on Google+.

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Hank Johnson: Reawaken ADA at #ViaLux

Hank Johnson just shared his thoughts on the upcoming #ViaLux Anomaly next weekend on G+. Short and sweet. Here’s what he had to say. #InvestigateIngress

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The Battle for ADA’s Return

The New Wave went to extraordinary lengths, implanting technology into their own bodies, in order to protect a tiny slice of ADA’s core. Now they intend to use a Resistance victory at the first #ViaLux Anomalies to reinitialize her.

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The Follower

I had a strange encounter on the street while out hacking today… might be interesting for all those of you who’ve been tracking the phenomenon known as the New Wave.

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Hello world

ADA recently began to speak in Japanese within the Ingress App — a development that emerged after the events in Tokyo. Why? I have a theory… #InvestigateIngress

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A number of astute comments emerged in the last 24 hours after I shared the conversation between (presumably) Jahan and her Anti-Magnus operator, Antoine Smith. Here are my thoughts and responses. #InvestigateIngress

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Art and Power

Hank Johnson weighs in on the New Wave with some interesting thoughts and ideas that connect this relatively new phenomenon to the ancient world.

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The New Wave: Intel from the Community

Yesterday, I asked the Investigate community to weigh in and help shed light on what this so called ‘New Wave’ movement might be… Here are some of the most interesting pieces of information we gained from this exercise…

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