One of Thirteen: #FateOfThe13 reaches its end.

#FateOfThe13 has come to an end. It’s been an incredible ride, and I am in awe, once again, of the power that Ingress Agents wield when they work together.

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Define: Sensitive

This is the beginning of a new project for Investigate. I’ve been wanting to build out a dictionary — a glossary of sorts for new Investigators and the generally curious. Feel free to add to this definition in the comments — make sure I didn’t miss anything to oversimplify an angle. I’ll be adding this to a new section on Investigate shortly — more will follow in the days to come.

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Twelve of Thirteen: ENL control The Catalyst

The Enlightened have gained control of their twelfth Archetype: The Catalyst, currently occupied in the Niantic MAGNUS by Devra Bogdanovich. With a single Archetype and less than 20 individual Shards held in the balance and just over a day remaining, — it’s going to be an interesting sprint to the end of this massive Global Event that has gripped the world of Ingress for the last six weeks.

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Eleven of Thirteen: ENL claim the Dreamer

The Enlightened didn’t want to risk this one. Earlier today, operatives working for the Enlightened Faction completed the Shard Operations necessary to gain control of the Dreamer Archetype — currently occupied in the Niantic MAGNUS by Roland Jarvis.

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Hive Mind

The Compromised Briefing that emerged a few days ago mentioned an idea that’s been in the ether before, but never really focused upon: Hive intelligence. I gained access to this private conversation between members of the current Niantic Magnus discussing this topic…

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Ten of Thirteen: ENL claim Explorer and Omniscient Archetypes

A big day for the Enlightened… In a series of decisive operations the Faction has claimed the Explorer Archetype (currently represented in the Niantic MAGNUS by Hank Johnson) and the Omniscient Archetype (which is currently represented by the artificial intelligence, ADA).

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Compromised Briefing (Pt4) - Infiltration

Compromised Briefing (Pt4) – Infiltration

Part 4 of a classified White House briefing about the history of XM. The first 3 fragments are linked via this post…

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To Fear or Not to Fear?

This man is a major figure when it comes to the topic of our shared future with the evolving (and to be fair, not fully understood) machine systems of our own creation… Definitely someone I keep track of. At the SXSW conference last week, Ray Kurzweil shared his predicted timeline for our ultimate unification with machine-based intelligence. What do you think… far fetched or eerily plausible?

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Pursue Creativity. Discover Mystery. Outside Together.

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Glyph Music

This is a deep rabbithole… Agent jaicat, a composer and Sensitive based in Japan has been exploring possible ways of translating Glyphs into Music.

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