To Fear or Not to Fear?

This man is a major figure when it comes to the topic of our shared future with the evolving (and to be fair, not fully understood) machine systems of our own creation… Definitely someone I keep track of. At the SXSW conference last week, Ray Kurzweil shared his predicted timeline for our ultimate unification with machine-based intelligence. What do you think… far fetched or eerily plausible?

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Tomorrow’s Brains

Came across this article and these intriguing… haunting images. This is what the everyday brains of tomorrow will look like… Is it a coincidence that they appear almost organic in nature?

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Hank Johnson: The Beyond

Hank Johnson witnesses a technology he can’t comprehend… and tastes a fragmentary glimpse of something beyond this reality…

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Hank Johnson — More on his MAGNUS research

Hank continues to share what he discovered in an ancient, desecrated MAGNUS nest… this post is a continuation of commentary he began in this post…

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Essex Investigator sheds light on the 13 Archetypes

An excellent piece of community journalism, Investigator Ariel Diana (Arielsmurfeater) put together these theories about the 13 Archetypes identified in the NIA leak from a few days ago…

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If Jay Phillips was intending to use the current transition window to his own advantage — perhaps increasing funding to the NIA for edge science while¬†cementing his own role at head of ship — it seems he may have read the tea leaves wrong.

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New Brain-Machine Interface in Development

Surprised I caught this before The Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs… I figured they would be all over this — fears of mind-hacking and such.

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Hank Johnson: Connections

Hank completes the update he began yesterday… with news of Devra and his role in finding (or hiding) Lynton-Wolfe…

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Hank Johnson: The Hydra

Hank shares some insights on his quest from Jahan — and an update on his search for Oliver Lynton-Wolfe…

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Preparing for an AI Doomsday

An interesting article brought to the surface by the Society for the Ethical Treatment of Artificial Intelligences. To their credit, the hypocrisy here is pretty blatant: Some leaders in the tech industry are racing to build AIs up with the one hand while building survival bunkers to protect themselves against its possible fallout on the other…

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