Here’s the rest of Hank’s report on his chance encounter from a few days ago… Interesting observation about truth and disinformation — it’s a tactic I’ve used myself when I’ve needed to create some distance and a safety net around myself.

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The Conspiracy

Hank Johnson has a chance meeting with someone peddling an interesting conspiracy theory… Was it really a chance meeting?

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Bio Card Bounty Hunting

Was looking over Hank’s post from the other day — particularly that story about finding an Agent Bio Card on a diner bulletin board. Surprised me that this activity existed elsewhere in the world… I saw it taking place in a local New Wave group but I assumed it was an isolated thing. They called it ‘Bio Card Bounty Hunting.’

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A Robust Framework

A statement from The Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs regarding a new campaign emerging in the European Parliament…

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NL-1331 on the move again

Update from Hank. NL-1331 is on the move again… and that’s always interesting news.

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The Quantum Machines

I mentioned yesterday that I thought it was strange that some unknown actor may be trying to debunk what we’ve learned about the effects of XM… Could there be political or profit-driven motivations?

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Defined by Us

I’ve been thinking about the Nine Faction chart that I shared a few days ago — particularly because many asked me where I stand on the ideas expressed there. It’s something I’m still — years after I first began to learn about XM and sentient AIs — trying to figure out.

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The New Wave Enlightened: Your Observations

A few days ago I shared why I had gone out on a limb to suggest that New Wave Enlightened (NWE) were present at the Portal creation ceremony on New Year’s. Many of you shared some incredibly astute observations that I felt deserved highlighting.

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The Nine Faction Theory

This came across my radar a few days ago, and I felt it needed a wider audience — there are a lot of good observations here that I think merit a broader discussion within the Investigative community.

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The New Wave Enlightened

When I shared my experiences at the new-year Portal ceremony, I claimed that I had seen both New Wave Resistance and New Wave Enlightened mixing. An Agent in the comments called me out — saying that the existence of New Wave Enlightened has never actually been proven. A fair criticism. Here’s why I said that…

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