Devra’s message to Agents

Here’s what Devra had to say about the Anomaly yesterday. She thanks the Agents for helping to stop Oliver Lynton-Wolfe with their ferocity and energy as they engaged with the XM Anomalies yesterday. In Seoul, I witnessed this first hand. It was exhilarating.

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Year Four

We are on a shared train into the deepest fractal in our universe. Each mystery unfolds to reveal truth and more mystery. Each mountain we climb reveals another distant peak. A challenge for the future.

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Kodama’s Investigation: Susanna’s next destination

Kodama’s back on the grid… here’s her take on the documents we’ve uncovered over the last few days…

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Wright’s Response on Devra’s Vault

Earlier today, Dr. Edgar Allan Wright weighed in on the question of Devra’s Vault… it’s an interesting read. As usual for him, more questions than answers… but sometimes good questions are their own reward. They allow us to frame our thinking. Here’s what he had to say…

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Wright’s Miskatonic Story

Dr. Wright sent this message to me earlier today… I do not believe he has shared this information anywhere else… He claims to have also had a vision that transported him to the (fictional?) library that Hank spoke of in his post yesterday. Make of this what you will…

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Things of Indescribable Beauty and Horror

Did Hank experience a vision that transported him to a different reality? Or maybe a different place in time within our reality? Read his post… tell me what you think….

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Klue’s True Purpose

Kodama shares a new post on her Google+ page. The questions she raises about Klue… well… these are definitely ideas that have emerged before. I’ve had some of these theories myself…

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The Past and the Present

Hank Johnson shares further details about the conversations he had with Susanna Moyer prior to her disappearance…

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Susanna and the Acolyte

Hank Johnson just shared something interesting on his Google+ page… revealing that he was the one who connected Susanna Moyer to the Acolyte. What might that mean?

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Kodama’s Investigation – 3

Here’s the latest from Kodama on her investigation into the disappearance of Susanna Moyer. It’s on you, Investigative community, to help determine where the truth lies in all this. I think the one thing all of us can agree on is that we’re looking at a large mystery, and we’ll have to work together to solve this.

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