Harmony and Discord

Here are the remaining definitions — the second page of the email between Jay Phillips and Shaw Henson that initially surfaced yesterday.

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Exogenous Entities

A few definitions here that help shed the light on the leaked email that emerged yesterday. As for this ‘conversation’ that Shaw Henson seems to want to have with me. Not sure I want to have that talk…

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Magnuses and Archetypes

Oh, Shaw Henson. You’re about to fall into a rabbithole that has no bottom, if you ever need an assist, pick a good pseudonym and come join us in the comment section — there’s folks here that can dance circles around your best people while blindfolded…

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Diving in…

This leaked series of emails may help shed some light on the unverifiable document we found yesterday… It seems even at high levels in the Intel Community, people are paying attention to this ‘Portal disturbance.’

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Unverified Document claims Global Shard Manifestation Event

This document began to spread across the grapevine earlier today. I am currently not in a position to confirm its veracity — but if the document is true, and in the interest of vigilance I suspect it might be wise to treat it as such — it seems a major Portal Network disturbance may be afoot.

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This strange post just emerged via the Society for the Ethical Treatment for AIs. It’s true purpose is unkn##signΔlinterrupt##sorrypΔc##circumstΔnces##dictΔted##immediΔte##Δction##own… it reminds me of the ‘Alpha’ image that emerged via SETAI late last year…

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NL-1331: Los Angeles

NL-1331 was in Los Angeles a few days ago — and the word on the street was that Agent KodamaSmiles was going to be there… She’s been hiding below radar recently — and this sudden resurfacing was something to investigate further.

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The Answers – II

The next batch of answers to the questions sent to the NIA… A few interesting ideas emerged here that I had not heard before…

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The Answers – I

The answers to the questions sent to the NIA have started to come in — I’ll be looking forward to reading more of these…

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Inquisitive Minds

A leaked email revealing some of the questions sent to the NIA by the government officials requesting a briefing on the current status of XM research. Quite a few interesting ones — including some I’d be curious to learn about myself…

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