My sources tell me the final pieces revealing Susanna Moyer’s encounter with the Acolyte hide within these Portals… It’s time to move, Agents.

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Time and Change

Agents from around the world helped recover this — from India to Peru to Norway to Istanbul and myriad locations in between. More of Susanna’s interactions at the Acolyte’s compound have now come to light — and we all know what was in that cabin — but how did that affect Susanna’s mission and her journey? I suspect we’ll find out soon.

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Worlds Enough

As I mentioned, there is more to discover about Susanna’s visit to the Acolyte’s compound. I suspect these clues will help bring that story to the surface. Can you help find what they are hiding?

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In Different Times

Dozens of Agents from around the world collaborated to help recover this document fragment. This page reveals part of the journey that Susanna Moyer took after her conversations with Hank Johnson — it’s a fascinating read, but I have confirmed that there’s more to be discovered here — more pages that reveal Susanna’s interactions at the Acolyte’s compound. Stay tuned in.

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This is #ViaNoir

The path to the victory, and what lies at stake, has grown clearer.

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More clues… Another challenge

Another mysterious series of images has emerged. I suspect this (like last week’s clue) will help us learn more about Susanna’s disappearance…

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Susanna’s Vision

Thanks to Agents around the world we have recovered this fascinating and incredible document (Felicia Hajra-Lee — is this your work?). It’s transcribed below… Let me know in the comments what you think this means…

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A clue… but to what?

Received this via an anonymous mailbox. That’s all I know right now… Help me figure this out?

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