Ancient Wisdom

Yesterday, Hank Johnson met up with a large group of Agents in Christchurch, New Zealand. He was fairly tightlipped to me about what he was researching there — what I do know is that intel above was recovered by Agents on the ground there via a Mission.

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Tecthulhus Across Time

This intel was recovered by Agents on the ground at ‘Transgress,’ the rare public appearance of Niantic Investigator Flint Dille this past weekend… It reveals a fascinating glimpse into what some of the leading minds in the World of Ingress are thinking about Tecthulhus in light of the news about MAGNUS: REAWAKENS.

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Origins: Online

Tycho’s revelatory glimpse into the beginnings of the Niantic Project, Ingress: Origins, is now available as a Kindle e-book on Amazon. For a limited time it is available at a discounted price — so now’s a great chance for Agents to learn more about the secrets and intrigues that lie at the heart of the World of Ingress.

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Live at Transgress

Things are heating up down at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles, where a number of interesting individuals, including Niantic Investigator Flint Dille have just appeared.

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Eight of Thirteen: ENL claim two more Archetypes as final Phase begins.

Earlier today, the final 35 Shards emerged into the Portal Network — this global event has now entered its climactic final two weeks. But the hours leading up to this new chapter were just as dramatic… The Enlightened further extended their lead by capturing two additional Archetypes: The Patron and The Trickster.

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A brief update on the surfacing of Niantic Investigator Flint Dille and comic artist Livio Ramondelli (one of Tycho’s known associates) at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles this Saturday…

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As more information emerges about MAGNUS: REAWAKENS, this old piece of evidence from the Investigation has resurfaced in new light…

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Quintessential Thoughts

After reading the strange message that emerged yesterday, I’ve been wondering what folks like the 3 Wise Men of Ingress or Hank or Dr. Edgar Allan Wright might be thinking. Fortunately, a leaked chat transcript holds just those answers… and a surprising turn of events near the end of the conversation as well. I won’t ruin it for you.

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That Which Gathers

The cryptanalytical minds within the Investigation went to work shortly after my update yesterday. Here is the hidden message they uncovered from within the unknown series of signals.

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---.. --... -.... ---.. -.... ----- --... --... -.... ----. ----. ---.. ---.. --... --... ....- ..... ----. ---.. -.... ---.. ..... ----. ...-- ..... ..... ..... ..... ..... ....- --... ---.. ---.. ----. -.... ....-


The source is unclear. According to my sources in the IC, a series of signals emerged via the Portal Network and — when assembled — this image was uncovered. At this point, that’s all we know…

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