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Points in #EXO5 are distributed using a percentage model, with 100 points (%) available during each of three Phases in an Anomaly. (Houston has just one Phase)
The chart and map reflect current point distribution, which may change as the Anomaly progresses — a tug of war for control of the Anomalies.

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Series Standing:

Detailed Scores -- November 4, 2017
Total Anomaly Score (Current Distribution)199.56100.44
Phase 1 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)53.3146.69
M1 Portals Controlled208160
M1 Volatiles Controlled3854
M1 Raw Score398430
M2 Portals Controlled206162
M2 Volatiles Controlled5735
M2 Raw Score491337
M3 Portals Controlled226142
M3 Volatiles Controlled5239
M3 Raw Score486337
M4 Portals Controlled247116
M4 Volatiles Controlled4844
M4 Raw Score487336
Max Enl vs Max Res491430
Phase 2 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)64.2335.77
Total Shards Available: 91
Research Points (Shard on Unique Research Node)15888
Phase 2 Raw Score15888
Phase 3 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)82.0217.98
M1 Links Created1175248
M2 Links Created1393347
M3 Links Created1751436
M4 Links Created1993437
Max Enl vs Max Res1993437
Cebu City
Cebu City
Total Anomaly Score (Current Distribution)277.2122.79
Phase 1 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)82.3517.65
M1 Portals Controlled253
M1 Volatiles Controlled51
M1 Raw Score508
M2 Portals Controlled262
M2 Volatiles Controlled60
M2 Raw Score562
M3 Portals Controlled235
M3 Volatiles Controlled60
M3 Raw Score535
M4 Portals Controlled262
M4 Volatiles Controlled42
M4 Raw Score4612
Max Enl vs Max Res5612
Phase 2 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)964
Total Shards Available: 11
Research Points (Shard on Unique Research Node)241
Phase 2 Raw Score241
Phase 3 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)98.861.14
M1 Links Created641
M2 Links Created862
M3 Links Created1313
M4 Links Created2610
Max Enl vs Max Res2613
Total Anomaly Score (Current Distribution)98.37201.63
Phase 1 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)28.3371.67
M1 Portals Controlled618
M1 Volatiles Controlled15
M1 Raw Score1143
M2 Portals Controlled321
M2 Volatiles Controlled24
M2 Raw Score1341
M3 Portals Controlled618
M3 Volatiles Controlled15
M3 Raw Score1143
M4 Portals Controlled717
M4 Volatiles Controlled24
M4 Raw Score1737
Max Enl vs Max Res1743
Phase 2 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)52.7847.22
Total Shards Available: 11
Research Points (Shard on Unique Research Node)1917
Phase 2 Raw Score1917
Phase 3 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)17.2682.74
M1 Links Created10104
M2 Links Created2889
M3 Links Created39126
M4 Links Created35187
Max Enl vs Max Res39187
Total Anomaly Score (Current Distribution)86.47213.53
Phase 1 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)39.7160.29
M1 Portals Controlled97230
M1 Volatiles Controlled4737
M1 Raw Score332415
M2 Portals Controlled76249
M2 Volatiles Controlled3945
M2 Raw Score271474
M3 Portals Controlled63260
M3 Volatiles Controlled4240
M3 Raw Score273460
M4 Portals Controlled64254
M4 Volatiles Controlled3450
M4 Raw Score234504
Max Enl vs Max Res332504
Phase 2 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)30.7269.28
Total Shards Available: 91
Research Points (Shard on Unique Research Node)90203
Phase 2 Raw Score90203
Phase 3 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)16.0483.96
M1 Links Created111351
M2 Links Created100602
M3 Links Created170774
M4 Links Created166890
Max Enl vs Max Res170890
Total Anomaly Score (Current Distribution)48.97251.03
Phase 1 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)24.5875.42
M1 Portals Controlled540
M1 Volatiles Controlled39
M1 Raw Score2085
M2 Portals Controlled838
M2 Volatiles Controlled210
M2 Raw Score1888
M3 Portals Controlled939
M3 Volatiles Controlled210
M3 Raw Score1989
M4 Portals Controlled935
M4 Volatiles Controlled48
M4 Raw Score2975
Max Enl vs Max Res2989
Phase 2 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)1288
Total Shards Available: 21
Research Points (Shard on Unique Research Node)966
Phase 2 Raw Score966
Phase 3 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)12.3987.61
M1 Links Created29135
M2 Links Created4112
M3 Links Created0205
M4 Links Created2161
Max Enl vs Max Res29205
Total Anomaly Score (Current Distribution)112.72187.28
Phase 1 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)43.9656.04
M1 Portals Controlled2116
M1 Volatiles Controlled27
M1 Raw Score3151
M2 Portals Controlled1816
M2 Volatiles Controlled45
M2 Raw Score3841
M3 Portals Controlled1322
M3 Volatiles Controlled45
M3 Raw Score3347
M4 Portals Controlled1522
M4 Volatiles Controlled54
M4 Raw Score4042
Max Enl vs Max Res4051
Phase 2 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)53.3346.67
Total Shards Available: 11
Research Points (Shard on Unique Research Node)87
Phase 2 Raw Score87
Phase 3 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)15.4384.57
M1 Links Created11108
M2 Links Created12131
M3 Links Created29133
M4 Links Created14159
Max Enl vs Max Res29159
Total Anomaly Score (Current Distribution)246.8253.18
Phase 1 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)61.2638.74
M1 Portals Controlled3334
M1 Volatiles Controlled88
M1 Raw Score7374
M2 Portals Controlled4423
M2 Volatiles Controlled115
M2 Raw Score9948
M3 Portals Controlled5017
M3 Volatiles Controlled115
M3 Raw Score10542
M4 Portals Controlled4720
M4 Volatiles Controlled142
M4 Raw Score11730
Max Enl vs Max Res11774
Phase 2 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)93.486.52
Total Shards Available: 21
Research Points (Shard on Unique Research Node)433
Phase 2 Raw Score433
Phase 3 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)92.087.92
M1 Links Created20330
M2 Links Created3048
M3 Links Created3203
M4 Links Created3492
Max Enl vs Max Res34930
Panama City
Panama City
Total Anomaly Score (Current Distribution)218.4881.52
Phase 1 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)57.6942.31
M1 Portals Controlled55
M1 Volatiles Controlled20
M1 Raw Score155
M2 Portals Controlled45
M2 Volatiles Controlled11
M2 Raw Score910
M3 Portals Controlled46
M3 Volatiles Controlled11
M3 Raw Score911
M4 Portals Controlled37
M4 Volatiles Controlled20
M4 Raw Score137
Max Enl vs Max Res1511
Phase 2 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)7030
Total Shards Available: 11
Research Points (Shard on Unique Research Node)219
Phase 2 Raw Score219
Phase 3 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)90.799.21
M1 Links Created414
M2 Links Created611
M3 Links Created690
M4 Links Created197
Max Enl vs Max Res697
Total Anomaly Score (Current Distribution)64.535.5
Phase 1 Anomaly Points (Current Distribution)64.535.5
M1 Portals Controlled3540
M1 Volatiles Controlled74
M1 Raw Score7060
M2 Portals Controlled4431
M2 Volatiles Controlled74
M2 Raw Score7951
M3 Portals Controlled6213
M3 Volatiles Controlled65
M3 Raw Score9238
M4 Portals Controlled6212
M4 Volatiles Controlled82
M4 Raw Score10222
M5 Portals Controlled5914
M5 Volatiles Controlled83
M5 Raw Score9929
M6 Portals Controlled5914
M6 Volatiles Controlled101
M6 Raw Score10919
Max Enl vs Max Res10960