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The source is unclear. According to my sources in the IC, a series of signals emerged via the Portal Network and — when assembled — this image was uncovered. At this point, that’s all we know…

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Niantic Investigator, Flint Dille @ Meltdown Comics, Los Angeles, Mar. 11

A number of interesting individuals are surfacing at Meltdown Comics in Los Angeles on March 11 — including Flint Dille (an Investigator with a deep…

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Six of Thirteen: ENL claim three more Archetypes

It’s been a busy few days for our Enlightened friends. In a series of rapid, sweeping operations, the Enlightened have gained control of three additional archetypes — The Visionary, currently bound to Victor Kureze – The Interpreter, currently bound to Carrie Campbell – and the Listener, currently bound to enoch dalby.

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Hubris and Nemesis

The Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs shared this article a few moments ago, along with some choice words (from Wikipedia, I suspect).

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#FATEOFTHE13 — Where things stand – March 1 2017

As we approach the midpoint of #FateOfThe13 Phase 2, the Enlightened hold control of 7 of the 35 Phase 2 Shards while the Resistance control 3, but things aren’t as simple as they seem…

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Hank Johnson in Christchurch, NZ

This just in, looks like Hank is going to be in Christchurch, NZ as part of a Nomad-related research trip — apparently he’s looking into some of the local Maori lore… He’ll be at an Agent-organized meetup at Dux Central on March 14th. Check out the details in the post…

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NL-PRIME が名古屋へ (NL-PRIME expands into Nagoya)

NL-PRIME - それは、司アキラが開発に関わったWILLER TRAVEL の移動型研究施設である。これまでも複数の日本の都市でその姿が目撃されていたが、新しい目的地へ向かっているようだ。NL-PRIME — the mobile research lab created by Akira Tsukasa and being operated by Willer Travel at multiple locations around Japan — has expanded into new territory.

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The Formation of MAGNUSES

A source sent this my way earlier… It looks like the NIA are starting to uncover more of the mysteries behind how MAGNUSES form and function…

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Three of Thirteen: ENL claim the Humanist… Yuri Alaric Nagassa

As Phase 2 begins, the Enlightened take control of the last remaining Archetype from Phase 1 — the Humanist, Yuri Alaric Nagassa.

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#FateofThe13 Phase 2 Begins

Phase 2 of the global XM Shard event has begun. The second Phase of the global Shard event will last two weeks — and while the Enlightened currently hold the upper hand — much could change as Agents around the world set to work with these new challenges ahead…

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