NL-1331e Research Competition

Akira Tsukasa moves fast. Mere days after taking over the November Lima program, she has already put into effect a new series of competition (and coordination) based incentives for the Agents across Europe who will be able to part in NL-1331e’s European tour.

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Signals and Dates

I glossed over this recent news until someone told me to look again, and pay attention to the dates…

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November Lima

The true objectives of the November Lima program remain hidden in the shadows. Now, with Akira Tsukasa at the helm of the program, its scope may broaden even further… NL-1331e — an enhanced variant of the original November Lima XM Detection vehicle — is about to embark on a massive research mission across Europe. More details on that here: http://bit.ly/nl1331e2017

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It seems part of Akira’s purpose in Portland this past weekend was to examine NL-1331 — perhaps as part of a bid to become more deeply involved in other parts of the November Lima program (she already heads the development of the Japan based NL-Prime research vehicle…).

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The Mind Palace RPE

The sender and routing data of this message was scrambled — I have no way to easily backtrace its origin. The message itself contained only this link: A signup form for an RPE (a Remote Participation Exercise — also known as a ‘tabletop RPG’) in Burbank on September 9th entitled ‘The Mind Palace.’

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Message to Misty

Hank Johnson attempted to send this message over the weekend, but for reasons that aren’t entirely clear, it never made it all the way online to his Google+ profile. An associate of mine was able to recover the message, partially at least, and share it with me.

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The Disappearance of Misty Hannah

The Disappearance of Misty Hannah

So… could everything that went down this weekend be connected to an appearance of the Trickster’s Top Hat and an RPE in Burbank on September 9th?

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The Anomalies begin…

The August 26th Anomalies have begun. If you haven’t yet, check out the #13MAGNUSReawakens Scoreboard to watch the action as it unfolds, or dip your feet into the hashtagged #13MAGNUSReawakens social media streams.

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Old Friends

The Box has been opened. And it wasn’t Misty who opened it. Now, it’s time to look inside.

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Fan mail for Misty Hannah

This is an odd one. A source sent me this recent message received by Misty Hannah — from none other than Akira Tsukasa herself. Akira, by the way, made it pretty clear in a leaked chat with fellow IQTecher Avril Lorazon a few days ago that she’s very interested in Misty’s most recent endeavors…

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