Compromised Briefing (Pt6) – Tecthulhu

This is part 6, the final part, of a classified White House briefing about the history of XM. Earlier fragments are linked in this post.

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Hank Johnson: NIA HQ

Hank visits NIA HQ and meets with someone who looms large in the history of XM…

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The Tecthulhu Modules - 1

The Tecthulhu Modules – 1

Information has begun to emerge about the mysterious Tecthulhu Modules that will live at the heart of the creative installations at MAGNUS: REAWAKENS. I’ve been able to recover a handful of documents related to these mysterious pieces of technology… this is the first.

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Operation Essex: Sensitive Variations

Came across this interesting theory while browsing Operation Essex… We all know that Sensitives tend to divide themselves into ‘Resistance-leaning’ and ‘Enlightened-leaning,’ but this expanded theory, which includes a non-Faction biased Sensitive and the idea of overlapping zones of influence is worth considering.

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Hank Johnson: Lynton-Wolfe’s Chamber, and the future of the MAGNUS

Hank Johnson shares some of his recollections investigating a subterranean chamber where Lynton-Wolfe may have worked… and also poses an interesting question: Now that the Enlightened control the fate of the MAGNUS, what are they thinking?

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With the help of some of my contacts — highly knowledgable resources in all matters XM — I’ve been able to obtain some additional HUMINT related to #MagnusReawakens and the mysterious Tecthulhu Modules… This time, my sources were able to help shed light on some of the more mysterious details hidden in these images…

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MAGNUS: REAWAKENS — Proposals Begin to Emerge

Some teams of Agents have begun to make their ‘Portal Luminance Project’ proposals public… Their visions for what they will accomplish with the Tecthulhu modules is… nothing short of staggering.

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Hank Johnson: The Exogenous Era

Hank Johnson shares an update on his time in New Zealand and his current subject of interest: The Exogenous Era.

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If you haven’t been paying attention to the news the last few days — here’s what you missed. It’s another sign of the changing times we are about to enter. I wonder how the Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs feels about this — does this further or endanger their true agenda?

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A source I have no prior contact with sent this image to me – the filename was HUMINT – IMG 6902. I have no further information at this time, and am seeking help from the community in uncovering any details we can from this intel…

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