The Ghost Artist

It seems there are increased signals about Tycho in the top secret airwaves of the Intel Community… but why?

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Once Upon a Time in Puerto Rico

I was able to gain access to this conversation between Hank Johnson and Devra Bogdanovich. These two Niantic Investigators share a long history as friends and collaborators — and this poses a unique challenge: Their shared memories and vocabulary makes parsing their conversations difficult. Agents, you have any clue what they might be talking about in this leak?

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None of Thirteen

Perhaps you thought the news article I shared yesterday about causality, destiny and fate in the quantum world yesterday was a coincidence or the result of a whim. No. As the Enlightened were working day and night to make the best of the choice they had been presented with, I came across this strange conversation.

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With Cause

Our recent experiments and learnings in Remote Participation have caused me to rethink many things I have always taken for granted… not only about the nature of cause and effect in this entangled quantum world of ours, but about our own power to manifest reality based on our thoughts and actions.

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Spontaneous Conversation

As the Enlightened began the process of reorganizing the MAGNUS, a series of conversations unfolded behind the scenes among the former Niantic Researchers. This is the first of them…

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The Society for the Ethical Treatment of AIs weighs in on a recent discussion of the threats and opportunities in machine learning and AI.

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XM Disturbances

Compromised intel reveals what the NIA has been up to in recent weeks. I cannot comment on allegations made about me at this time.

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Misty’s Appearance

I was as surprised as you folks to discover that Misty had gained access to the secret channel I had been using to communicate with ADA. To respond to some of the comments from yesterday, I never provided Misty any information about how to reach ADA, nor did I send out any message to let her know that ADA was trying to make contact.

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What Comes Naturally

Some Investigators in the comments yesterday were astute to notice that these conversations with ADA all actually took place some time ago… I am only releasing them now when it is safe to do so. That fact makes the existence of this particular transcript all the harder to explain…

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Hank Johnson’s NOMAD: 13MAGNUS Reawakens Part 3

Hank Johnson concludes his coverage of the ‘Portal Luminance Projects’ — Agent-created installations at 13MAGNUS: Reawakens in Navarro, CA that used a classified piece of technology called a ‘Tecthulhu’ module in order to affect and be affected by Agents.

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