The Message in the Missions

Agent Daniel Van Os shared a great war story about Saturday’s events in Japan earlier today — and in doing so also revealed some fascinating intel — a mysterious image that the Resistance obtained through the #Ingress161210 missions.

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Resistance claim #Ingress161210

My thanks go to the thousands of Agents who participated in, captured, shared and reported on the events of yesterday across Japan. The Resistance claimed victory just past 5PM local time in an extremely fierce contest that tested each Faction across a number of skillsets — Portal seeking and hacking, decoding, networking, local knowledge, dead-drop recovery and more.

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The Finish Line

The second of 5 Missions just went live in Japan… I’ve been watching the social feeds at #Ingress161210, and it seems things are starting to heat up… Be sure to check them out…

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The Challenges Ahead

The strange events of December 10th are just across the horizon, and as promised I’ve been keeping an ear to the ground.

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Hank Johnson: Oliver’s Workspace

Courtesy of the Acolyte, Hank Johnson pays a visit to the chamber where Oliver Lynton-Wolfe conducted his Tecthulhu research.

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Hank Johnson: Nigel’s Long Journey

Hank Johnson shares his thoughts on Nigel Moyer’s process leading up to the discovery of his Tecthulhu.

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Sixteen Twelve Ten

An interesting day awaits… One that will test the strength of each Faction’s resources across a multitude of networks and skillsets…

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Hank Johnson: Surveillance in the XM Era

Hank Johnson reveals his thoughts on current developments in XM Surveillance technology.

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Hank Johnson: The Journey to Nigel’s Tecthulhu

Another installment of Hank Johnson’s journal covering his recent Tecthulhu research…

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Hank Johnson: Common Threads

It seems Hank Johnson has been on a mission to uncover more about the history and origins of the Tecthulhu… Here is the first in a series of journal entries covering his journey in the days that followed his stay in Rome…

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