#ViaNoir Begins

#ViaNoir is about to begin. Be sure to keep an ear to the ground. Watch all information channels. There’s a lot happening, and every Agent is a part of this, no matter where you are, no matter what your expertise. The ViaNoir Scoreboard page is up to help you all keep track of the Anomalies as they unfold.

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A Repeating Vision

Hank Johnson just shared some of his thoughts on the powerful machine we’ve been calling the ‘Tecthulhu.’ He’s on his way to Rome, currently. And it looks like I was right… he’s carrying a briefcase, too.

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The Package

A few days ago I told you I had received a tracking number for a package delivery service from an unknown sender. The package arrived today. This briefcase was inside along with a short note. The note instructed me to reward this to the winning Faction in Seoul.

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Via Noir: Anomaly Intel III

Via Noir: Anomaly Intel III

I’ve been able to obtain these images which reveal the Clusters for the upcoming #ViaNoir Anomalies. Good luck, Agents.

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An Ominous Message

Here is the what was uncovered by the Agents and Investigators in New York City this past weekend. I believe it to be a poem written by Howcraft. But am I simply choosing to believe that because the alternative theory is too worrying? Honest answer? Maybe…

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Via Noir: Anomaly Intel II

I’ve been able to obtain this high priority intel related to the upcoming #ViaNoir Anomalies. Questions? Check in with Visur Technology on Google+

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Reports from NYC

Incredible work by all those involved in New York today. Many contributed both on the ground and from around the globe in a race to obtain an interesting (if disturbing) message.

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A clue for tomorrow?

I told you I would keep an ear to the ground about the rumors that have been floating around the last few days. I came across this clue. What does it mean?

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A strange video surfaced...

A strange video surfaced…

Agents began reporting the appearance of this strange video from the Portal Network. How did it get there? What does it mean?

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Sumoya beneath the waves

Operation Essex contributor, Agent I23I, helped pieces together the fragments recovered by Agents in Seattle as well as those found by VI.
What emerged was not 3 pages, as we had originally expected, but 2. Incredible work by many in helping to unravel this.

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