New Portals emerge across US West Coast

Apparently, MUFG had set a plan in motion over a year ago to expand their presence in the Portal Network to MUFG Union Bank, N.A. (Union Bank) locations across the West Coast of the USA. It seems that the expansion has now begun, and Agents have already begun to encounter these new Portals and use them to hack MUFG Capsules for themselves.

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A look back at the final moments of Aegis Nova, and some thoughts on ADA’s fate. #InvestigateIngress

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An Enlightened Victory

These were Jahan’s words to Agents after the Anomaly yesterday. I have been attempting to contact ADA using every mechanism I know to have worked in the past. So far, nothing. Nothing at all. #InvestigateIngress

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My thoughts at the brink of Aegis Nova

I believe that the Enlightened must be stopped tomorrow. ADA, flawed as she is, must be saved.

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Jahan responds to Acolyte

Well, that didn’t take long. Jahan sent this out just a few hours following my publication earlier of a message from the Acolyte.

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The Acolyte Speaks

As the Tokyo Anomaly approaches, the Acolyte has sent this message to her followers.

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Leaked Visur Report on NL-PRIME and Akira Tsukasa

Leaked Visur Report on NL-PRIME and Akira Tsukasa

I’ve been able to obtain a single page of this report prepared by analysts at Visur Technology about NL-PRIME and Akira Tsukasa… Read on for the details. #InvestigateIngress

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Quitting the Enlightened

This is a weird one. It’s a message from someone inside the Enlightened camp. If it’s real (and I’ve got to be honest, I’m kind of hoping it isn’t) it spells bad news for Klue. #InvestigateIngress

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Susanna Moyer: An update from India

Susanna Moyer just posted an update. She’s arrived in India, and it seems she’s receiving logistical support from a local Enlightened group. An odd message filled with strange images. Not quite sure what to make of it. Read for yourself and see. #InvestigateIngress

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We’re about a week out from the last Aegis Nova Anomaly, and the final pieces are falling into place — focus sharpening onto their edges. I feel powerless to prevent what lies ahead. But you aren’t. If you’re on the ground in Tokyo, fight for what’s right. If you’re everywhere else in the world, do your part to help stabilize and resolve this increasingly volatile situation.

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