#AegisNova Anomaly Intel Fragments

I’ve recovered these fragments of an XM Anomaly Report from Hulong Transglobal that reveal key new mechanics associated with the Aegis Nova Anomaly Series. Important reading for those who will be involved in these Anomalies, either as Planners or on the ground. I suspect that declassified versions of this document will emerge directly from Hulong Transglobal in the following days.

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Safe, for now...

Safe, for now…

There were two conversations mentioned in the report about the attack on the Enlightened Compound. The first was ADA’s warning to Lynton-Wolfe, which emerged yesterday. The second was a call from Lynton-Wolfe to the Acolyte. The latter has now come to the surface.

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An Engineered Escape

An Engineered Escape

The report about the attack on the Enlightened Compound revealed that ADA had contacted Oliver Lynton-Wolfe some moments before the chaos began. Now we know what they talked about… ADA seems to have engineered this with the level of precision we’ve seen from her before…

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PAC’s Weekly Wrap-up: May 8, 2016

Last week we were still reeling from the attack on the Enlightened compound; we didn’t know who was behind it or their intentions. We’ve since learned a lot about what happened that day, but in my mind, the mystery has deepened.

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Mission in San Diego: Accomplished

Agents from both Factions lent our Investigation a hand today in San Diego. The Enlightened were the first to complete the mission, and Resistance Agents recovered some of the missing fragments to help us get a complete picture of the attack on the Enlightened compound. To all those who were on the ground, and to those who helped organize, energize and analyze its fallout: You have my gratitude.

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Top Line Report: San Diego Intel Mission

For those of you who will be on the ground in San Diego tomorrow and are new to the Investigation, I’ve prepared a top-line report to help you get up to speed.

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Redacted Report on Enlightened Compound Attack

The source who has been dropping information about the mission at UC San Diego this weekend just sent this heavily redacted document my way. I also learned some additional details about what’s going down on Saturday, which I’ve added to a G+ Event page to make things easier to keep track of. Given the source, I suspect this document and event in San Diego are connected. I’ll be keeping an eye on this, hopefully Agents on the ground can help us piece this together.

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A Mission in San Diego

Since that clue emerged yesterday via Susanna Moyer, I’ve been digging to learn more. Here’s what I’ve found out…

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Susanna receives a Clue

Someone just sent this image to Susanna Moyer, and she’s seeking assistance from the Investigate community to figure out what it means. Can you help?

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Not Always

Enlightened Agents in Hungary helped locate and retrieve this letter from Obsidius to his friend Marcus this past weekend — I mentioned the recovery and this letters’s contents briefly in my Weekly Wrap-Up yesterday. Here’s the letter in full. I’m sure you can see why I find its contents intriguing.

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